How Yacon Helps ED

YaconYacon leaf has become popular in recent years as a possible treatment for diabetes or health conditions related to weight control like insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, both of which appear to be linked to being overweight.

One study showed overweight pre-menopausal women with insulin resistance lost a significant amount of weight with a daily dose of yacon syrup over 120 days.

As far as erectile dysfunction is concerned however, the answer to the question ‘How does yacon help ED?’ is “only very indirectly.”

Because metabolic changes that are associated with insulin resistance and obesity are also often linked to erectile dysfunctioncontrolling diabetes and getting weight under control are two very direct ways to improve erections; but there is no evidence to suggest yacon is a suitable herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction.

‘Healthiest Sweetener’ Claim

In traditional medicine yacon is used for blood sugar and digestive problems, and it is being touted as Yacon - Sweetener“the healthiest sweetener” available suited for:

  • Acting as a prebiotic to help with good digestion and efficient intestinal  functioning
  • Eliminating toxins
  • Enhancing immunity
  • Strengthening “good” bacilli like L acidophilus
  • Treating yeast infections like Candida

Yacon is not accepted as a listed medicine under the Australian Therapeutics Goods Act, but yacon plants are readily available and grow well in Australia, where keen home gardeners use it as a root vegetable.

Research on Yacon & Diabetes

yacon - teaNative to the Andes mountain region and used traditionally in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil as a tea, syrup or root, yacon (Smallantus sonchifolius) is high in antioxidants, flavonoids and  fructooligosaccharides and is used in South America to control blood sugar levels, and for digestive complaints.

While initial studies showed yacon had a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels, however long term trials suggested it also caused kidney damage and the benefits of the treatment for blood sugar levels were reversible.  The researchers concluded yacon leaf was not a recommended as a long term treatment for diabetes.

Herbal Treatments for Erectile DysfunctionHerbal Treatments - Yacon

While yacon is not a strong herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction, there are several herbs which have a very strong record of success in helping men with erection problems.

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