Sprays for erectile dysfunction are available from your own doctor as well men’s health clinics specialising in sexual health, and usually require a doctor’s prescription because they contain prescription medicines.

When buying nasal spray for erectile dysfunction you need to be sure you understand what drug is being prescribed, and what that drug does.

Most nasal sprays for erectile dysfunction are antidepressants suitable for premature ejaculation, because a side effect of the particular type of anti-depressants known as SSRI’s is that they reduce penile sensitivity (and can also cause delayed ejaculation and low sex drive in some men)
These nasal sprays are not recommended for erectile dysfunction from other causes – like reduced blood flow to the penis – which is more common amongst older men.

Nasal sprays have been marketed by clinics using high pressure sales techniques like AMI which then go on to hard sell other treatments when the nasal spray doesn’t work.

Ask your doctor’s advice or consider more general treatment for erectile dysfunction like Herbal Ignite unless your problem is premature ejaculation.