Any surgery involving the removal of tissue in or near the genital region can damage vital nerves controlling blood flow to the penis, and up to 80 per cent of men who have prostate removal surgery or prostatectomy lose erectile function for some period.

The newest thinking on restoring erectile function after prostatectomy emphasises being pro-active and taking steps to “use it or lose it” rather than leaving things to nature and chance as has been medical advice in the past.

This is because urologists now believe penile muscle cells need to be kept oxygenated and allowing a long period of no function makes it more difficult to return to normal.

Treatment Options Following Prostatectomy

  • Be pro-active and don’t “just wait” for things to happen naturally
  • Don’t get discouraged if early results fail – keep working on it
  • Consider mechanical assistance like penile injections or vacuum pumps
  • Try ED drugs like Viagra
  • Try herbal remedies like Herbal Ignite

For more detailed information on treating erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy see Erectile Dysfunction From Surgery and Radical Prostatectomy Impotence