What Makes A Man Attractive to a Woman?

hollywood heart throbs - what makes men attractive to womenIt can be a little bewildering these days, trying to work out the secret of male sex appeal and what makes a man attractive to a woman. Maybe that’s because today’s batch of young Hollywood heart-throbs look like they’d be more at home at the manicurists than a power tool shop.

It might be tempting to abandon any hope of uncovering the logic behind the secret of male sex appeal. But thanks to some creative new couple’s sexual health research, it seems science finally has a few solid answers to this age old question of what makes a man attractive to women.

High Testosterone Appeals to Women

New research shows that women rate male faces as more attractive when they belong to men with chiselled jaw - what makes men attractive to womenhigh testosterone levels. Men with features like chiselled cheekbones, and lantern jaws.

The researchers also found a link between high testosterone levels and good immune function; the men who scored highest on both scales also given the highest attractiveness rating by women.

While previous studies have found a link between immune function and testosterone levels, this is the first time a direct link has been uncovered between immune function and how attractive a woman finds a man.

There’s a clear logic behind this finding that women are more attracted to men with better immune function: any potential offspring would be also likely to possess healthy immune system genes, and be more likely to thrive and succeed.

What’s less obvious is the underlying mechanism. How can women accurately discern a man’s testosterone levels from his facial features?

The Secret to Male Sex Appeal

peacock - what makes men attractive to womenThe official explanation for male sex appeal is what is sometimes called the ‘Handicap Theory’, the idea being in many mammalian species, male features that attract female attention usually bring a kind of physical handicap or impediment  – such as a peacock’s tail feathers, a lion’s mane, or even a stag’s antlers.

These features are great for courtship signalling but usually come with disadvantages in other areas of life. Therefore, so the theory goes, only the more robust, healthy males can afford to devote extra time and resources to maintaining them.

And while having a chiselled jawline might not seem like that much of a disadvantage, experts contend that in practice it’s still essentially the same principle.

Testosterone the Key

It seems the key factor behind a man’s attractiveness to women is testosterone, responsible not testosterone - arnold schwarzenegger - what makes men attractive to womenjust for masculine facial traits, but also responsible for general muscle tone, vitality and confidence.

And as Hollywood has been telling us for decades, confidence is a huge advantage when it comes to male sex appeal.  

Some experts have gone so far as to say that confidence is actually the most attractive trait a man can even possess, as far as women are concerned. After all, as it has been pointed out time and time again, a women’s most powerful sexual organ is her mind.

Boost Your Testosterone – The Natural Way

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