Yohimbe is a sex stimulant made from the bark of a West African tree historically used by Bantu tribes during orgiastic mating rituals.

Before Viagra and other erection drugs became popular a prescription form of yohimbe’s active ingredient was available, but has now declined in popularity.

Yohimbine Pharmaceutical Form
Most of the research done on yohimbe has been on the pharmaceutical active ingredient yohimbine rather than the bark, and there is more scientific evidence to support yohimbe’s benefits for erectile dysfunction than normal for herbal ingredients because of the focus on the prescription ingredient yohimbine.

However the benefits may be accompanied by unpleasant side effects including rapid heart beat, sweating, restlessness and blurred vision. The doses required to promote erection are around 300mg or more and these also produced more pronounced side effects, reports Dr Ray Sahelian in his book Natural Sex Boosters.

Yohimbe Not Legal in Australia
Yohimbe is not a legal supplement ingredient in Australia possibly because of the side effects associated with it.

Alternatives to yohimbe include tribulus terrestris

Jenny Wheeler