Heavy alcohol consumption leads to increased erectile dysfunction, with international research showing  more than half of the men who are heavy drinkers suffer from erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, or premature ejaculation,
Heavy alcohol consumption – calculated at more than four drinks a day five days a week – interferes with the body’s ability to produce erections because it:

  • Damages blood vessels and nerves
  • Causes liver damage
  • Lowers testosterone levels

Moderate Alcohol Use Beneficial for ED

Alcohol infographics

However moderate alcohol use – four or less drinks up to five days a week – has a beneficial effect on the ability to get an erection and enjoy a good sex life.
An Australian study showed men who enjoyed the occasional drink had fewer problems with erectile dysfunction than those who drank no alcohol at all.
More detailed information on how alcohol affects erectile dysfunction can be found at Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction.