What Libido is

normal to have questions - what is libidoIf you’re noticing that you don’t seem to have sex anywhere near as often as when you’re younger, and maybe you can’t work out what’s changed or what’s wrong with you, don’t stress about it. It’s quite normal to have a few questions about this sort of thing. Like, what is libido, exactly? Is it the same as having a low sex drive? Is it different to erectile dysfunction?  How do you know if it’s lower than it ought to be, and what if anything can you do about it? Is it just a natural function of aging?

So. What is libido? First of all, libido is quite different to erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence, which is simply being unable to gain or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual activity. The best answer to the question of what libido is—essentially, it’s the same thing as sex drive: your mental or psychological interest in sex, quite separate from the physical ability to have sex or not.

And although low libido is common with aging, it’s not inevitable. Rest assured there’s certainly plenty of things you can do about it.

What is Libido – Problems Common

red blooded stallion - what is libidoLow sex drive or libido problems are common enough, with an estimated one in three Aussie marriages affected in some way by low libido issues. What is the big deal with libido issues? A big part of the problem is that Aussie blokes seem to find low libido issues particularly difficult to talk about. This isn’t helped by social and media stereotypes of Aussie blokes being red-blooded sex-mad stallions, ‘always up for it’—It’s no wonder men feel stigmatised and reluctant to open up and talk about the issue. Unfortunately though, studies show that clamming up about libido issues is just about the worst approach to take.

The sooner you and your partner can begin open and honest dialogue with each other, and perhaps ideally a trained sexual health specialist as well, the sooner low libido can be dealt with and your love life restored.

Wondering what it is that actually causes low libido? Many factors can contribute to low libido. Alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse are the most common factors involved. Other physical causes however include diabetes, obesity, low testosterone levels, prescription drugs (especially certain anti-depressants), thyroid disease and pituitary gland tumours.

Psychological factors that can contribute to low libido in particular are depression, anxiety, stress, overworking, performance anxiety, conflicts over sexual identity and significant relationship problems.

What is Libido – Relationship Impact

A lack of sexual interest, or at the very least a perceived lack, is guaranteed to create relationship tension, to sow discord and distrust. Indeed, Australian sexual health experts and sex therapists report that low libido is the most common problem brought up in sexual health counselling. One in five married Aussie couples today is experiencing what is termed a ‘non-sexual’ marriage, where sexual activity occurs less commonly than once a month.

If one partner is experiencing low libido, it’s difficulty for the other partner not to take it personally. No one likes feeling sexually undesirable. Over time if the problem isn’t dealt with, it can even lead to fears that one partner may be having an affair. Long term low libido problems can send relationship tension and distrust levels through the roof.

What is Libido – What You Can Do

The good news is, for many men there’s a few simple, natural lifestyle changes you can make to improve your libido, such as:
improve diet - what is libido

  • Improving diet
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Cultivating a better work/life balance
  • Getting regular relaxation and recreation time
  • Taking advantage of quality herbal remedies

In other cases the problem may be more deeply rooted, and consulting with a qualified Aussie sexual health specialist may be your best bet. Don’t fret though! They’ll no doubt have seen literally thousands of cases like yours before, nothing you can say will shock or offend them! If you’re interested in sexual health counselling but not sure where to start, a good list of great Aussie sexual health counsellors is available here.

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safe - what is libido
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