Impotence Affects Aussie Men

one in five men - what is impotence?One in five Australian men over the age of 40 are likely to be affected by impotence – that is not being able to get or maintain an erection which lasts long enough to satisfactorily complete sex.

And it’s not just older men who are affected by impotence – otherwise known as erectile dysfunction. So if you are asking yourself “What is impotence?” and wonder how many men are facing impotence symptoms, be assured, impotence is a common issue for men of all ages.

Impotence Australia CEO Brett McCann says about 30 per cent of men aged over 18 may be affected by some sort of impotence – most commonly premature ejaculation, where they climax too early.

Impotence Develops if Untreated

stress - what is impotence?Occasional impotence may simply be put down to stress, too much alcohol, or a lack of sleep. But doctors are increasingly recognising impotence as a “progressive problem” which if left untreated develops into a more frequent or permanent condition.

And usually impotence is an indicator of other health problems because it is usually closely related to reduced blood flow to the penile arteries. If the blood flow is interrupted, that usually indicates other underlying physical symptoms like blocked arteries or cardiovascular issues.Most impotence is caused by physical factors, but emotional and psychological issues – like work stress or impotence from performance anxiety – can also play a part.

Impotence & Relationship Break Ups

Research shows Australian men are reluctant to talk about impotence. Being willing to front up and seek impotence treatment may reduce the risk from developing future health problems as well as save your relationship. One UK study showed 21 per cent of relationship breakups were caused by impotence and 44 per cent also suffer from depression.  Impotence Australia’s CEO couple not talking - what is impotence?Brett McCann says the longer men leave impotence untreated the more likely it is to cause relationship stress and breakdown.

Some of the Australian men who talked to Bettina Ardnt for her book What Men Want in Bed blamed their inability to do something about increasing impotence as the cause of their later divorce.

Impotence Is Treatable

The great thing is 90 per cent of impotence is treatable, so there is no good reason to hold back and not do something about it.

Finding a suitable impotence treatment for you depends on personal preference as well as your general health, with the easiest option being an oral impotence drug or an herbal supplement for impotence like Herbal Ignite.

Can Herbal Ignite Help Impotence?

Herbal Ignite is an all-natural supplement to boost men’s normal sexual performance and treat boost male performance - what is impotence?impotence.

The herbs in Herbal Ignite are all recognised for their therapeutic benefits for impotence and erectile dysfunction in traditional natural medicine. The formula works in a three-fold action:

  • To stimulate men’s hormonal system to produce more testosterone, the male hormone which governs sexual performance and which naturally declines as men age.
  • To improve energy levels, reduce stress and generally restore a renewed sense of well being.
  • To promote blood supply to the penis and enhance sex drive.

Is Ignite Impotence Treatment Safe?

The herbs in Herbal Ignite have been clinically trialled for treating impotence in Europe and were found to be easily accepted by the body and cause minimal unwanted side effects.

Safety: Herbal Ignite is made entirely of herbs fully tested to ensure purity and quality to ensure there are no contaminants and effective levels of the active ingredients.

Value for money: Herbal Ignite offers unrivalled value for money. 1 Bottle contains 90 capsules. If you get our 4 bottle deal, 1 capsule costs $0.50 approx.

Guarantee: We offer a no-fuss guarantee on returned items, providing you return them within 60 days of receipt, unopened, in the original packaging.

Cost effective: You don’t need to be on Herbal Ignite for impotence all the time. Once the 60 to 90 day course is completed, many men are able to overcome their impotence without continuing to take Herbal Ignite. You may need a “booster” anywhere from six months to two years after original use.

Customer support: Herbal Ignite staff are experienced in talking about men’s health issues and we welcome your enquiries. Please feel free to call us on 1800 981 215 with any questions.