What is Herbal Ignite Treatment?

What is Herbal Ignite?Thousands of men have successfully used Herbal Ignite for improved stamina and libido since it was launched in Australia and New Zealand more than a decade ago, but you may still be asking “What is Herbal Ignite?”

Herbal treatments like Herbal Ignite with key herbal ingredients tribulus terrestris and horny goat weed have become increasingly popular over the last decade for men who prefer totally natural support for their health.

If you need something to help you as you get older, you’re not alone. The Australian Medical Journal reported in 1999 that around one million Australian men felt less virile than when younger, a number which has escalated in the last decade because of the Australia’s aging but relatively fit population.

South Australian research shows 64 per cent of 70 to 79 year olds reported performance problems, with most men reporting 60 was “tipping point” – the age where they noticed desire exceeded potency.

Herbal Ignite is a successful herbal supplement that has helped thousands of men regain stamina and libido.

Herbal Ignite Is A Capsule

  • Taken daily with food according to body weight it helps men take control
  • Is not an instant fix – it takes a few days to start making itself felt
  • It restores spontaneity – no need to plan ahead
  • It is best taken daily for 60 – 90 days (two to three months)

How To Take Herbal Ignite

We recommend you take the easily swallowed capsules with food to aid absorption.Take according to body weight:

  • 3 caps daily 60-79kg (12st 5lb)
  • 4 caps daily 80-99kg (15st 6lb)
  • 5 caps daily 100-119kg (18st 7lb)
  • 6 caps daily 120-139kg (21st 7lb)
  • If you are taking three caps a day it is fine to take them all in one dose with breakfast or dinner
  • For larger doses we recommend you break them in two and take them morning and night – always with food.

What Herbs Are In Herbal Ignite?

three key herbs - what is herbal igniteHerbal Ignite contains three key herbs which have been recognised in many countries over hundreds of years as beneficial for improved stamina and libido.

Those herbs are tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed and avena sativa, working in a combined formula to support and enhance their different benefits, treating the whole body, not just one or two symptoms.

Working together the herbs in Herbal Ignite:

  • Improve stamina
  • Increase sex drive and libido
  • With stamina and better libido comes more confidence
  • You feel back in control

Research on Herbs in Ignite

In the 14 years Herbal Ignite has been on the market, thousands of men and women have discovered the benefits of this natural over-the-counter supplement to give them improved stamina and libido.

And while much of the evidence of the benefits of natural health treatments like Herbal Ignite is still “anecdotal” – that is based on individual personal experience – research is increasingly supporting the benefits of the herbs which herbal medicine has used for a long time.

Trusted In Traditional Medicine

The herbs in Herbal Ignite have all been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years and have been used with success by tens of thousands of Ignite customers over the last 14 years.

  • Herbal Ignite is a manufactured to medicinal level GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in a South Island (New Zealand) facility.
  • The herbs in Herbal Ignite are permitted to be used in complementary medicines in Australia.

Why not order Herbal Ignite?

You don’t have to ask ‘What is Herbal Ignite?’ any longer. Order some today and discover Herbal Ignite’s benefits for increased stamina and libido for yourself.Thousands of satisfied customers over the last fourteen years have enjoyed the Ignite difference. Check out our shop section, or if you have further questions, why not give our friendly customer service team a call on 1800 981 215.