Avena Sativa – common name wild oats – is the herb behind the old saying about young men “sowing their wild oats” because it is traditionally recognised as a herb for sexual health which increases a man’s readiness to have an erection and a woman’s readiness to respond.

Phyllis A Balch in Prescription for Herbal Healing attributes Avena Sativa’s benefits as a herb to increase sexual desire to its action in unbinding the sex hormone testosterone.

Proven as a good tonic for heart health and circulation, and for relieving stress and anxiety, oat straw also supports the physical systems in the body which need to be working well for good erections.

It is part of the formula in the popular Herbal Ignite erectile dysfunction supplement
For more detailed information about the benefits of Avena Sativa for erectile dysfunction see Impotence Treatments – Herbal Remedies – Avena Sativa, or Herbal Ignite Product Information