Erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy is very common but in many cases only temporary, depending on post-operative healing. Herbal erectile treatments can be a useful adjunct to other forms of treatment by boosting testosterone, improving well-being and increasing penile blood supply.

The best approach to regaining erections after prostate surgery is to be pro-active but not impatient.

While it is important to restore sexual activity as soon as possible to safe guard long term muscle tone and cellular health, it is also sensible to give yourself time to regain normal function.

Erection Rehabilitation the Key
Erection rehabilitation” is the new catch phrase amongst urologist working in this special field – in simple terms getting erections established with injections or erectile drugs as soon as possible.

Herbal products like Herbal Ignite can be a beneficial support in this process, because the formula contains herbs which increase testosterone (lifting confidence and well-being as well as blood supply to the penis) as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

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