Erectile dysfunction pills from reputable sources containing recognised herbs that have been used for boosting sexual health for centuries can have big benefits in giving you better stronger erections with no unpleasant side effects.

You just have to be discerning about where and what you buy, and decide on your preferred option.

  1. Pharmaceutical ED Pills

Firstly there is the pharmaceutical option in erectile dysfunction pills, with a range from Cialis to Viagra and newer versions like Udanfil available.  All of these pills increase blood supply to the penis but will do nothing about underlying causes of erectile dysfunction like low testosterone.  They don’t work for about 25 per cent of men, and sometimes cause unpleasant side effects like bad headaches.

  1. Herbal ED Pills

Many men prefer herbal ED treatments like Herbal Ignite because they are natural and usually do not cause unpleasant side effects. They usually take a few days to start working, but allow for more spontaneity because you don’t have to think about taking a pill before you can perform, like ED drugs. However unethical web operators have given some herbal sex pills a bad rap by adulterating them with undeclared pharmaceuticals.

To be confident you are getting the genuine unspoiled product, stick with proven manufacturers with a known track record.  Herbal Ignite has been marketed for 15 years, and is tested and registered in Australia as a listed medicine under the Therapeutic Goods Act.

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