Tribulus Terrestris for Impotence

tribulus terrestris - impotence treatmentThe herb tribulus terrestris has been used traditionally in India and China for hundreds of years for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, improving libido and men’s sexual health.

It’s come to the notice of the West more recently, since Bulgarian research in the 1980s provided some scientific basis for claims that it lifts testosterone levels, improving both sexual and sports performance.

After the Bulgarian Olympic weight lifting team promoted tribulus as effective at building muscle mass, it’s also become a popular supplement for body builders and sportsmen.

What Tribulus Does

Livestrong says tribulus terrestris “is one of the few supplements that consistently provide positive results in the realm of sexual function and libido.”

Tribulus is also a key ingredient in Herbal Ignite, an erectile dysfunction supplement that has been used successfully by thousands of Australian and New Zealand men over the last 14 years.

Studies have shown it also increases sperm production and motility, so is also used for treating infertility.

Tribulus and Testosterone

russian studies - tribulus terrestris - impotence treatment - vladimir putinStudies conducted in Bulgaria and Russia suggest that tribulus can increase testosterone levels (by increasing luteinizing hormone), DHEA, and estrogen.

Luteinizing hormone  tells your body when to produce more testosterone and also allows for greater conversion of DHEA and androstenedione in testosterone.

Some studies have shown with tribulus supplements testosterone increases by 30 per cent or more, but it only raises the male hormone within normal levels.

According to Physicians Select, one study found 60 per cent of diabetic men with erectile dysfunction regained erections after three weeks on a tribulus supplement, and their blood showed significantly higher levels of DHEA, a precursor of testosterone.

Tribulus and Sports Performanceamerican footbal l -tribulus terrestris impotence treatment

Tribulus is a favourite of body builders and top sportsmen, particularly in high impact codes like American football.

Its purported muscle-building potential was popularized by American IFBB bodybuilding champion Jeffrey Petermann in the early 1970s.

While those who take tribulus may be convinced of its benefits, scientific studies have not supported the claim that tribulus builds muscle mass or heightens performance.

A 2007 Australian study with NSW Rugby players showed no rise in testosterone levels – but also found it also did not cause any positive drug tests for sportsmen being monitored for performance-enhancing compounds. The bonus for men employed in drug tested industries – like mining – is they can safely take supplements like Herbal Ignite without having to worry about drug tests.

Specialist body building sites suggest it is beneficial for men who have over-trained, or who are revering from pro-hormone or steroid use, or who are on low calorie diets.

Tribulus and Blood Flow

Tribulus is used in Asian medicine to treat angina and blood pressure, and studies have shown it reduces hypertension and improves circulation. This may be another reason why it is effective in treating erectile dysfunction – because of its ability to relax smooth muscles and allowing greater blood flow to the genitals.

Tribulus effective for high blood pressure:
Extensive tribulus studies at Kuwait University show tribulus fruit extract reduced hypertension, one cause of high blood pressure.  The researchers speculated the tribulus fruit possibly triggers a release of nitric oxide that relaxes arterial muscles – and nitric oxide release is also an important requirement in maintaining erections.

Tribulus effective for angina pain:
According to a Chinese study, tribulus was effective in treating angina attacks in 82 per cent of patients treated. The same study showed it to dilate the coronary artery and improve circulation.

Tribulus Safe – No Unpleasant Side Effects

no side effects - tribulus terrestrisOther clinical trials have shown no negative side effects from taking tribulus. However  it is always best to be cautious in special circumstances, and because of its effects on the reproductive hormones it is not recommended for men or women who have suffered a hormonal cancer (like prostate or breast cancer), or for pregnant or breast feeding women.

Herbal Ignite – Tribulus Supplement

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