Tribulus Terrestris ED Treatment

Tribulus terrestris is a traditional erectile dysfunction treatment in Asian asian medicine - tribulus terrestris treatment

medicine which has enjoyed growing popularity in the West in the last 30 years.
For men’s health it is used to:

  • Enhance sexual function, particularly better erections
  • Increase libido
  • Improve sperm health and treat infertility
  • Build muscle mass and improve sports performance
  • Treat angina and high blood pressure

For women’s health it is used to:

  • Increase libido
  • Balance hormones particularly for menopause and PMS
  • Improve fertility

How Tribulus Improves Sexual Health

saponins - tribulus terrestris - treatmentEuropean research suggests steroidal saponins in the leaves increases testosterone, estrogen and DHEA (a precursor of testosterone.) by increasing the luteinizing hormone  which is essential in both men and women for reproduction. In women it triggers ovulation; in men it triggers testosterone production.

Tribulus supplements improved erectile function in 60 per cent of diabetic men within three weeks in one trial.

Sperm motility (the sperm’s ability to move) as well as vitality and volume was improved by tribulus taken as a supplement for 30 days, one study showed.

Does Tribulus Build Muscle Mass?

super muscle mass - tribulus terrestris treatment

Because tribulus appears to increase testosterone, and testosterone builds

muscle, many body builders and sportsmen have concluded it will enhance sports performance and help build muscle.Personal experience on whether tribulus is effective as a muscle nutrient is mixed, and the scientific research done so far does not support the idea that tribulus is effective at improving sports performance. One Australian study with elite Rugby players in NSW found no difference in stamina and performance between players on tribulus and others during five weeks of pre-season training.A University of Nebraska study resistance trained males showed a slightly higher level of improvement on leg press but no overall enhancement of body conformation or performance.

Tribulus for More Energy

Like all herbal medicines tribulus works on many levels in the body to improve health and sexual well being.

Included in these “other benefits” tribulus is reported to:immune boost - tribulus terrestris treatment

  • Intensify protein synthesis – particularly in liver, kidney and heart
  • Lift energy levels and gives a sense of well-being
  • Improve circulation and relaxes artery walls
  • Ease angina
  • Improve immune function

Many men taking Herbal Ignite for erectile dysfunction report that in addition to the sexual health benefits they have more energy and a greater sense of emotional well-being.

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