Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Choice

You’ve just reluctantly acknowledged you can’t rely on getting erections like you used to and you’ve started to wonder whether you should try an erectile dysfunction treatment.

There’s a big array of possible erectile dysfunction treatments available these days;

  • Erectile drugs like Viagratreament options - erectile dysfunction treatments
  • Herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite
  • More invasive treatments like penile injections and vacuum pumps
  • Erectile creams, sprays and gels

How to choose, and how do you know which one will be right for you? So a here’s the Aussie Men’s Guide to Erectile Dysfunction Treatments to help you decide on the best ED treatment for you.

Get Early Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

It’s only natural for men to feel reluctant to do something about seeking out an erectile dysfunction treatment, as Australian studies show.  

But taking early steps to get erectile dysfunction treatment is certainly the best plan of action, because treatment can prevent future health and relationship problems likely to develop if you try to ignore ED.

Brett McCann CEO of Impotence Australia says Aussie men usually wait two years before seeking help for ED and by the time they see a doctor “they are dealing with a relationship problem as well as a medical crisis.”
warning - erectile dysfunction treatments
That’s because erectile dysfunction is often a warning sign of possible future health problems like:

  • Diabetes
  • Or heart disease

because it usually results from reduced blood flow to the penis – caused by narrowing of the vessels.

Just using nature as your erectile dysfunction treatment to get things right is not the best course, because ED is like many other health problems – you “use it or lose it.” Regaining lost function is harder than ensuring function remains intact.  As a LA Times report stated, Urology clinics have a saying: “Erections make erections.”

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments for Whole Man

Erectile dysfunction is what the docs term “progressive” – it slowly worsens over time unless you do something about it. And some erectile dysfunction treatments – like ED drugs – only treat the symptom – reduced blood flow – and do nothing about the causes.

The best erectile dysfunction treatments look after the whole man, not just giving an erection but:

  • Lifting libido
  • Increasing energy and sense of well being
  • Reducing stress
  • Assisting in a positive outlook
  • Help the quality of the relationship
  • Improving cardiovascular health

This is where herbal erectile dysfunction treatments like Herbal Ignite come into their own, because the multiple action of herbal formulas work in the whole body, not just giving an erection.

Australian research shows ED drugs bring back sexual function but they don’t bring back sexual health.

Men in need of erectile dysfunction treatment experience feelings of:

  • Loss of a sense of masculinity
  • Reduced sexual satisfaction
  • Lower relationship satisfaction

And these are not helped by taking an ED drug, according to the study at Deakin University, Melbourne (The impact of the use of PDE5 inhibitors for erectile dysfunction on the lives of Australian men, 2007.)

time frame - erectile dysfunction treatmentsA second Australian study showed men and their partners all preferred an erectile dysfunction treatment that gave them a longer time frame in which to be sexually active (Nearly 80 per cent of the women and 16 per cent of men preferred not being pressured to have sex within a couple of hours ‘window’.)

That’s why studies show many men who find successful erectile dysfunction treatments do not continue with them, because sexual health involves more than just getting an erection.

How Life Style Affects ED Treatment

Most erectile dysfunction (90 per cent) has a physical cause, while 10 per cent is the result of psychological issues like stress, anxiety and relationship problems.

Often the reality is more complicated, because even if your ED has a physical cause, if you are feeling stressed and your wife is not talking to you it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get an adequate erection.

Making life style changes to

  • Improve your physical health
  • Reduce stress
  • And build your relationship

Will also go a long way to helping you find a long term successful erectile dysfunction treatment.

And there is mounting evidence making basic lifestyle changes will help with erectile dysfunction treatment including a meta analysis of several studies into how lifestyle and cardiac health affected erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction treatment was much more successful combined with changes like healthier eating and more physical exercise including:

  • Regular exercise

Says study co-author Dr Stephen Kopecky from the Mayo Clinic; “Exercising for 20 to 30 minutes five times a week has a huge effect, but just 10 minutes of vigorous exercise three times a week will also be of benefit.”

  • Stopping smokingSmoking - Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Australian research shows men who smoke a pack or more of cigarettes daily are nearly 40 per cent more likely to be impotent than non-smokers. Even smoking fewer than 20 a day can affect a man’s sex life, the Sydney study showed.

ED Treatments for Different Situations

Mild erectile dysfunction – the occasional failure to get an erection – may be successfully treated by life style changes

  • Reducing stress
  • Losing weight
  • Exercising more
  • Combined with oral erectile dysfunction pills like the ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis Levitra and others)
  • Or herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite.

For many couples, retaining spontaneity in their sex life is important, and it is easiest to achieve with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Herbal erectile dysfunction treatments like Herbal ignite take longer to start working – usually a few days to a week – but once they have kicked in spontaneity is restored and you don’t have to “think about taking a pill to perform.”

Treatments for Severe Erectile Dysfunction

Severe erectile dysfunction – usually categorised as no erectile response without mechanical intervention – is usually as the result of:

  • Chronic illness like cardio vascular disease, long term diabetes
  • Side effects of surgery like radical prostatectomy

Successful erectile dysfunction treatment for severe ED usually requires mechanical intervention in the form of

  • Penile injections
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Penile surgery

These erectile treatments can be successful for the right couples who are committed to making them work but they have a high drop out rate from people who do find them too invasive as an erectile dysfunction treatment or do not like the side effects (pain, scarring, infection) that sometimes occur.