Herbal Ignite Testimonials

 Herbal Ignite is a tried and tested and all natural product. On the market now for 14 years, it’s helped countless men (and women!) re-ignite their sex lives.

Customers regularly report it does wonders for their stamina and libido. And that has spill-over benefits in confidence and how they feel about life.

Many women have also found it a fantastic boon for hormonal support, and it’s not uncommon for couples to take it together – just to be sure they stay ‘in sync’ with each other if you get our drift!

Don’t just take our word for it though: read the customer testimonials below for yourself, and see what Herbal Ignite has done for real men and women just like you.

Men’s Herbal Ignite Testimonialsmen's testimonials - Herbal Ignite Australia

  • Keith B.

I can now do all night what it used to take me all night to do.

  • Tony M.

Worked in a week. Wife so much happier. Calls me Big Boy or Mr Ignite. Lasts an hour now. Absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly recommend it.

  • Brett T.

 I’ve tried Ignite  My God, I can’t believe it. I’m so happy. Even my work ethic has improved out of sight. I’m building a boat and work on it had come to a stop. Now I’ll have it built in no time at all. My sister’s husband is now getting Ignite and I’m telling everyone about it – even my doctor.

  • Tony P.

Lost wife, lost desire. Found new partner. Absolutely fantastic. Never felt better. Thrilled.

  • Eric M.

Very good. Very impressed. Wife is now on it too!

Paul B. On medication. Side effect lack of libido. Great. Amazing 100 % accurate comments. Read in paper and heard on the radio. Feel like a 20 year old.

  • Norman R.

Functioning like a young man, very well.


  • Mike R.

Phenomenal! Was sceptical what I was hearing on R/ Pacific but can’t believe the results. New lease of life. What’s more, feel better. Much more energy.

  • Gerald H.

Bloody brilliant! Went on for year or more. Gives you that much more confidence.

  • Sam G.

Always telling people great product. Really rapt.

  • Hans C.

 Feel brilliant. Can’t do without it. Been on it for ages. 

  • Rufus W.

Turned my life around in 3 weeks.

  • Ewen R.

Was out of country for 6 months and thought I don’t need any more. Obviously it does work. Wonderful product. Embarrassing when I got home.

David N. Great! The best of all products on the market.

  • John M.

I am so happy to have received the herbal Ignite product. It has really made my sex life a lot better. Thank you so much.

  • Barrie R.              

I don’t believe in herbal products but somehow Ignite seems to work with me.

  • Gary B.

Great energy. One month to work. No end livening up my love life. Had heard from other guys about product, so decided to try it. Couldn’t believe the reaction.

  • Ian P.

Ordered one bottle. Worked marvellous. Fantastic  in 1 week.

  •  Owen S.

My response? Not enough women down here!

  • Martin G.

I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to you people making Herbal Ignite.

  • Mallard W.

Absolutely brilliant. One month and feeling much better overall.

  • John D.

Very good. 4- 5 weeks to kick in. Feel better in myself. There was some trepidation to start with, but everything has really worked out very well. 

Ignite and Women Testimonials women's testimonials - herbal ignite australia

  • Jan K.

Very happy lady on it. Worked in 3 weeks. All my interest in my husband has returned; thanks to Ignite!

  • Janine A.

Rapt with Ignite, going very well for me. Worked in about  2 weeks. Ran out 3 weeks ago and noticed the difference!

  • Susan B.

Really good.  Helps me sleep, and I feel so much better.

  • Jane P.

Yes, it has worked, am diabetic, gluten sufferer (=Celiac) (wheat, oats, barley, rye).

  • Shona O. Yep, great for me. Helping with menopause. Notice drop when I stopped taking it.


  • Rebecca A.         

Suffer from hormone imbalance. Find Ignite is great for mood swings. Had a trial run of Ignite for three weeks (supplied by a friend) and felt really great mentally as well as physically. Lots of energy. Then had three days without Ignite (to see if Ignite was a factor) and started to feel like crap.

Originally was recommended Ignite by two friends who are on it.

My uncle is on Ignite as well and he is really feeling the effects and had to tone down the amount of capsules he takes daily.

Older Men and Herbal Ignite – Testimonials older men - herbal ignite australia testimonials

  • Jason T.

 Sceptical to start with. Thought here goes a couple of hundred bucks down the drain. It kicked in within a week. The best purchase I’ve ever made. Also a lot more energy.  I’m a registered nurse and used to go to sleep in a lazy boy chair for a couple of hours every afternoon. Now I’m out in the garden. I’m about to get married and I’m just so thrilled that Ignite has turned everything around.

  • Allan W.

Good effect for an 80 year old. Actually climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge last week, did a bike ride through central Otago as well.

  • Brian D.

Recommend it to anybody.  Feel well. Feel fabulous!

  • I am 72 feels like I’m 50 again. Amazing product.


  • Tom B.

Rapt. Not only does it work on the sexual side, but I find  a lot better, longer.

  • Dale M.

It’s working. Someone sent me some as a joke. I’m 72.

  • Ken W.

Excellent. 83 years old. 3 a week now. Been hopeless for 8 years before this. Really relaxes you too.

  • Trevor L.

Great. Feel like when I was 20 again. My doctor approved.

  • Charles F.

Good for wellbeing. (90yrs old)

  • David N.

Great! Since stopping it I wake up all lethargic and tired. Before I would bounce out of
bed and feel alive. 

Herbal Ignite Testimonials – Couples Taking Ignite Together couple's testimonials - Herbal Ignite Australia

  • Peter B.

Just a note to say how much my partner and I are benefiting from the Herbal Ignite. We previously enjoyed a good sex life . But now is even better. And we both have more energy during the day. I am 60 and my wife is 55 and we will continue to use this product in the future.

  • Irene B.

Am 92, live with Ivan, 93. Been together 18 months.  I’ve been widowed 3 times, Ivan once. Love being intimate.

  • Kaye C.

Good product! Both of us using Ignite. 3 weekly. Feel better. More interest, easy arousal.

  • Eddie and Vicky P.

Our first order supply has not yet run out but we have decided to order now before we do as we both notice the change it is starting to make for both of us. She was a bit reluctant to try them at first but now says she is feeling much better in herself after just two months of taking them and me , wow,  it has been a long time since I woke up in the mornings with what used to happen when I was younger – naturally.

She is 49 and I am 64 years young now.

They really are a honeymoon herb and I have no doubt that nature is starting to come back on track. I also know that by the time we order another lot that we will both be fully functional again. We will certainly keep you informed.

A small price to pay to feel good about ourselves. Thank you.

  • Wayne M.

Both using Ignite. Good for husband, supercharged up wife in Bali after taking Ignite.

  • Carol B.

Absolutely fabulous. Both of us use it. Many repeats.

  • Craig E.

Partner using it as well—certainly working for her!

  • Kevin W.

Good! Wife giggled.

Herbal Ignite – Not Just Good for Sex Testimonials general health - herbal ignite australia testimonials


  • Bill D.

Brilliant wellbeing. (Wheelchair)

  • Peter C.

Brilliant with weight training. Stopped taking Ignite and noticed a marked drop in my workouts.

  • Ian J.

Self employed. Lot of stress. Since taking Ignite I have a lot more energy and feel really good.

  • Greg L.

Brilliant! Play a lot of sport and really helps performance.

  • Neil C.

General health brilliant. Stamina great. Feel heaps better.

  • Peter C.

So much more energy. Get up in the morning and am looking forward to work (car dealer).

  • Steve A.

I had one bottle over last month and it has really made me feel younger. I feel like my golf is improving too!

  • Graham P.

Flatmate let me try some Ignite. Was lethargic before, now has energy. Ordered now a 4xIgn for himself.

Let us know what you think too!