Smoking Gives High ED Risk

Lost a bit of the ‘zing in your spring’?  Some experts are now saying forget Viagragive up smoking and nearly halve your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Australian research shows men who smoke a pack a day are 40 per cent more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. And even if you smoke less a day, you’re still not off the hook.

The Australian study in international journal Tobacco Control looked at erectile dysfunction amongst more than 8,000 Aussie men. It found that even smoking less than a pack per day, led to a 24% risk of erectile dysfunction.  Smoking an average of more than 20 ciggies a day this risk increased to 39%.
crazy smoker - smoking and ED
These results show a clear relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction, and ED gets stronger as daily cigarette intake increases.

The findings also showed, perhaps unsurprisingly, that age and incidence of heart problems were also linked with a higher risk of ED.

How Does Smoking Cause ED?

So what’s going on to cause such a high correlation between smoking and erectile dysfunction?

The technical term for it is atherosclerosis.atherosclerosis - smoking and ED

Atherosclerosis is a basically a build-up of plaque on the walls of blood vessels. This build-up restricts bloodflow, provoking a whole raft of circulatory problems, often a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

This is due to the small size of penile blood vessels, particularly prone to blockages of this sort. You can just picture it: if smoking can cause problems with blockages in the major arteries of your heart, imagine what’s going on inside the penis’s tiny blood vessels!

New research is being carried out in this field all the time, the most recent being a study on over 7500 Chinese men which estimated that around 23% of impotence experienced by Chinese men might be due to cigarette smoking.  Those surveyed were aged from their mid 30s to mid 70s and did not have vascular disease.

Quitting Smoking Improves ED

smoking and EDIn the UK alone, it’s estimated that 120,000 men suffer impotence caused by smoking; men aged between 30-49!

And of course, heightened risk of erectile dysfunction is just one of many serious health issues linked with smoking.

Don’t put it off. Just think, not only will it help correct any slumps in the bedroom, you’ll save a bundle each week too! Quitting may be hard, but there are a few things that will make such a drastic improvement to your quality of life and health.

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