New Demand for Sexual Health Products

Sexual health has become increasingly important to both men and women as the Baby Boomer generation moves into their 60s, and so there is a new interest and demand for sexual health products. 

Many of those moving into their 50s and 60s intend to maintain full and engaging lives and for many that also means an active sex life.Stronger Erections - Sexual Health Products

A combination of factors – health issues, aging, stress – mean more than half of men in the second half of life will need some extra help to get stronger erections. And many older women are grateful for sexual health products which increase libido and lubrication.

Changes in Sex With Age

A Perth study also shows a third of men aged 75 and older are still sexually active  – and that includes some men in their 90s. Physical changes with age mean sex may be just as pleasurable but different from when you were younger.

If you want to continue with an active sex life and you are having problems doing that, there are plenty of sexual health products available to help you:

  • Get an erection
  • Get new information on sex and relationships
  • Arrange hormone therapy to lift sex drive (testosterone for men, bio identical hormones for women)
  • Find out more about sexual techniques in later life


Options in Sexual Health Products

Amongst the options for sexual health products:


Finding the Right Sexual Health Products

If you opt for an ED drug, or for hormone therapy, it’s recommended you see a doctor with experience in sexual medicine so it’s worth shopping around.
Doctor Brush Off - Sexual Health Products
Sydney sex therapist Bettina Ardnt says many doctors are not really equipped to give good sexual health advice, and both men and women may sometimes find themselves given the “brush off” when they seek advice about sexual health products, with the attitude being if you’re an older patient you’ve got no business expecting a sex life.

That’s short sighted because ED is often an indication of future possibly serious health problems. That’s because it’s often caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels in the penis which restrict blood flow – and changes in those very fine blood vessels are an early warning of future heart problems.

Research shows a significant association between ED and increased risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

Sexual Health Products – Drug or Herbal?

Sexual Health Products - Drug or Herbal?

Sexual Health Products Widely Available

Sexual Health Products Restore SparkIf you feel your sexual health needs sparking up, there are a range of sexual health products to help, including herbal products like Herbal Ignite which do not require a prescription.

Life’s too short to settle for poor sex health. Ask yourself what you need to do to give your sexual health a boost and then get moving!