Reluctance to Talk and Sexual Health Clinics
Aussie bloke - sexual health clinicSexual health problems. It’s not a favourite conversation topic for most Aussie blokes, as much as that may surprise you. It’s no wonder many Australian men have little to no idea what sexual health clinics are available to help, or even what they actually do!

Sexual health problems are common amongst Aussie men however, with almost half of Australian men forty and over affected to some degree, increasing to over two-thirds by the age of seventy. Sexual health clinics will tell you erectile dysfunction is the most commonly experienced sexual health issue for Aussie blokes.

So. If we’re in such good company, and it’s so common, why all this reluctance amongst Australian men to open up and talk about sexual problems? The counselling services offered by sexual health clinics are very professional and discrete. They have dealt with thousands of cases over the decades, and there’s practically nothing that will surprise or shock them.

Of course, it’s not just Australian men affected by sexual health problems. Aussie women can experience a range of issues too. Some common issues Australian sexual health clinics deal with are:

Common Women’s Sexual Health Issues in Australia

  • Low libido (interest in sex)women low libido - sexual health clinic
  • Lack of sexual pleasure during sex
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Discomfort or pain during sex
  • Vaginismus – involuntary muscle reflex that prevents any vaginal penetration, including sex.


Common Men’s Sexual Health Issues in Australia


How Sexual Health Clinics Can Help

counselling directions - sexual health clinicWondering what exactly it is that sexual health clinics can do for you? Generally, a mixture of sexual health counselling and education is offered, with some organisations generally leaning more towards counselling and others towards education. Some may also prescribe natural supplements and / or erectile dysfunction drugs to assist as well.

There are plenty of great ways Australian sexual health counselling or therapy can make a real difference to both men and women’s sexual health problems.

Believe it or not, good sex and good sexual health are about more than just the physical side of things. Psychological and emotional factors play a major role and problems in these areas, left unchecked, can cause significant disruption. Sexual health clinics’ counselling services usually prove invaluable in these situations in a number of ways.

Sexual health clinic counselling services can help foster better understanding about the different ways men and women get turned on, target and dismiss sexual ignorance and send any unrealistic expectations packing! For men in particular it can be an excellent way to deal with performance anxiety and low sexual self-esteem, again by challenging myths and misconceptions with facts and reality.

Sexual health clinic counselling is also especially helpful in providing a safe, comfortable setting to talk about a range of issues, from sexual trust and arousal to practical advice in enhancing sexual stimulation for older men and women.

Brett McCann of Impotence Australia notes that Aussie blokes will typically wait two years or more before getting help with sexual health issues, by which stage they may be experiencing a full-blown relationship crisis. Don’t let that happen to you! As soon as you notice problems, do yourself and your partner a favour. Seek help. It’ll make you more of a man, not less.

Sexual Health Clinics – Relationships Australia

If you’re looking for somewhere to start with sexual health clinics, Relationships Australia’s counselling services are a great option. They have offices in multiple locations across all states, and even have an online counselling service available via a private chat client.

Their focus is on general relationship counselling, but also provide a specialist sexual concerns service to deal with sexual health issues, as well as robust referral facilities if further external support is required.
More information on Relationships Australia email phone and website contact details by state available here.

Sexual Health Clinics – MensLink

If you’re looking for sexual health clinic services that won’t break the bank, MensLink is a great option. Because their services are 100% free of charge. MensLink services are however offered only to younger men, targeting age twenty to twenty-five.

They are a good starting point with basic counselling and assistance, offering counselling services over the phone on 02 6239 4699 or at their physical offices in Griffith, ACT. Further MensLink contact details are available here.

Sexual Health Clinics – Dr Rosie KingDr Rosie King - Sexual Health Clinic

A famous author in her own right as well as professional psychologist, Sydney-based Dr Rosie King’s practice is located in Chatswood, NSW. Her sexual health clinic appointments last 50 minutes, and focus on both physical and psychological factors, offering educative, counselling and drug therapy treatments.

Dr Rosie King can be reached on 04 1069 8000, via her website or else simply email She does not offer telephone counselling services.

Sexual Health Clinics – Sydney Men’s Health

Dr Michael Lowy of Sydney Men’s Health clinic is a sexual health physician, and local expert in men’s sexual health issues. His particular specialities are:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Libido disorders
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual rehabilitation
  • Women’s sexual health
  • The aging male
  • Prostate disease
  • Androgen deficiency
  • Peyronie’s disease

As well as being adept with physiological aspects of sexual health, Sydney-based Dr Lowy has many years of experience as a sexual health counsellor, as well as general relationship and couples counselling.

Dr Lowy’s sexual health clinic is located in Bondi Junction, NSW, and he can be contacted by phone on 1300 899 700 or via email or the Sydney Men’s Health website.

Sexual Health Clinics – MensLine

MensLine Australia focuses on family and relational counselling. They have a great reputation for offering practical and workable advice to resolve relation issues. They do not have a physical sexual health clinic but instead offer both online and phone counselling, and also a referral service if further support and treatment is mutually judged to be required.

Their sexual health clinics can be reached on 1300 78 99 78 or via the MensLine Australia webpage.