Strong Demand For Sexual Enhancement

In the 20 years since Viagra made life long sex a reality, attitudes to the idea of continuing sex throughout life have changed and the need for aids to sexual enhancement has grown with it.
healthy sex life - sexual enhancement
Keeping a healthy sex life going into our 50s and 60s in now considered “normal” and there are many more sexual health products available to help maintain good erections and boost sex drive for both men and women.

Sex enhancement pills – either erection drugs or herbal supplements like Herbal Viagra – can help with getting erections, or with boosting sex drive for both men and women.  Popular herbs like horny goat weedtribulus terrestris, damiana and others have been used for centuries to bring extra sexual enhancement to love making. And newer discoveries like the amino acid L-arginine found in Ignite Intimate Gel complement traditional herbs and can be topically applied.

Sexual Enhancement Not Just About Pills

But sexual enhancement is about much more than popping a sex enhancement pill for better erections.
As one doctor pointed out, if you were a lousy lover before Viagra, “you’ll still be a lousy lover with it.”

And many women feel Viagra has had a negative effect on their love lives. Sydney sex researcher Bettina Ardnt says some women say their husbands were better lovers when they were slower to respond because they spent more time in foreplay and did not try and rush things. Now they can get faster erections they’ve gone back to bad habits and dropped the foreplay, making the whole experience less enjoyable for their partners.

Emotional Intimacy Key to Enhanced Sex

A recent Canadian study suggests that sexual fulfilment has far less to do with technique and perfect bodies — elements most often ascribed great significance by popular culture — and more to do with such factors as presence, connection and erotic intimacy.

“Unfortunately, popular culture tells people that great sex is about varying your routines, trying new

positions, buying new sex toys,” says Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz, lead author of the study.

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“Many people have bought into the message that if your sex life seems kind of dull, just spice it up.” Instead, Dr Kleinplatz said, people described great sex as sharing deep intimacy and communication.

Sexual Enhancement Tip No 1

You’re likely to see your sex life enhanced if you take the attitude that sex is really more about “connections, not erections.”  Good sex is about pleasing your partner as well as yourself – you’ll be surprised to discover the experience is a whole lot more sensual for you as well.

Sexual Enhancement Tip 2

Sydney Tantric Sex counsellor Jacquline Hellyer says Aussie lovers are far too ready to settle for the “baked beans on toast” version of sex when they could be enjoying  gourmet sex.

too tired - sexual enhancementIn other words, sex should not just be about “left overs.”  Don’t reluctantly agree to bonk at the end of a long day when you’re both tired and you haven’t given your partner a thought since you rose that morning. Good sex means you make time and space for good interaction. You’ve communicated affection and caring prior to hitting the sack.  And you’re willing to try something new that’s not necessarily sexual in nature – sharing new experiences and adventures will do wonders for your sex life as well as life in general.

Sexual Enhancement Tip No 3

Expect to change your sexual style and technique at different ages and stages. Dr Kleinplatz’ Optimal Sex study showed you can have great sex without orgasm, and lousy sex even with it.  Appreciate it may take longer to get aroused, or for the woman to naturally lubricate.  Use a lubricant like Ignite Intimate gel, and enjoy the experience without rushing.  Make eye contact, enjoy intimate stroking, stretch the experience.  One study found older couples actually spent more time making love than younger ones.

Sexual Enhancement Tip No 4

Understand great sex is about emotional connection. Be open to emotional as well as physical intimacy.
Dr Dean Busby, a US researcher who has studied the relationship dynamics and sex lives of 2000 couples, says his work shows “The mechanics of good sex are not particularly difficult or beyond the reach of most couples, but the emotions, the vulnerability, the meaning of sex and whether it brings couples closer together are much more complicated to figure out.”

Sexual Enhancement Tip No 5

happy relationship - sexual enhancementFollow the guidelines for a happy relationship suggested by the Australian Psychological Society. These include planning regular time together doing something you both enjoy, giving you partner the benefit of the doubt rather than assuming the worst, ensuring positive comments out number negative remarks by 5 : 1, sort out conflict once you have calmed down, not when tempers are high,  and support one another and have a ‘team’ mentality. Most important of all, have fun together.

Herbal Ignite for Sexual Enhancement

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