Dangers of Sexual Dysfunction

Maintaining good sexual health (measured in terms of having sex twice a week or more) decreases the risk of early mortality by half according to a study of nearly 1000 Welshmen aged 45 – 59. By the same reckoning, dealing with sexual dysfunction (having no sex life) doubles mortality risk, particularly from coronary disease.
no sex dangerous - sexual dysfunction
That’s why in simple terms, you can say that “stopping an active sex life is dangerous to your health.”

The study Are Sex and Death Related?  shows death from any cause, but especially from coronary heart disease, is lower in middle aged men with active sex lives who are not dealing with sexual dysfunction.

Sexual Health Maintains Men’s Youth

That means if you are a 55 year old man, increasing the number of times you have sex from 58 times per year (just over once a week) to 116 times (just over twice a week) has the effect of making you as much as 1.6 years younger.
sex maintains men's youth - sexual dysfunction

And having great quality sex even more than that can have an effect of reducing your real age by up to eight years.

(The study rated sexual activity in three categories; high = twice a week or more, low = less than monthly, medium = somewhere in between.)

Quality Sex Important to Women

If you’re a 55 year old woman, the results may not be quite as rosy.  That’s because the quality of the sex seems to be far more important if it’s to have a positive health benefit for women – and about half of sexually active older women report they get “poor quality sex.” That’s a lot of women having to face varying levels of sexual dysfunction.

A Swedish study looking at death rates amongst 70 year olds also found stopping sex early led to increased male mortality and that sexual dissatisfaction and sexual dysfunction increased heart attack risk in middle age women.

For women it seems it’s how much they enjoy sex rather than its frequency that has positive effects on longevity.

Sexual Dysfunction and Longevity

And as far as the men are concerned, we’ve just one other question – and that is which came first? Did frequent sex create good health, or did poor health lead to sexual dysfunction?

chicken and egg - sexual dysfunctionIn other words did these middle-aged Welshmen have a great sex life because they already enjoyed excellent health and could perform in the sack like a 20 year old, or did all that sex make them more healthy? A real chicken-and-egg situation.

At 55, the sexually active life expectancy is 15 years for men and 10.6 years for women; although the period of time is longer for men they lose more years of being sexually active because of poor health than women.

Although we don’t know how the health benefits of sex work, there are a few indications:

Why Sex Is Good For You

  • By relieving stress – and this could explain why it works better for men than for women if the sex is not as good for her as him.
  • By promoting companionship – men rely on sex for intimacy more than women so this could also explain the gender difference.
  • Increases circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol.
  • Increases heart rate from 70 to 150 beats per minute. (People who have regular sex are half as likely to die of heart attack or stroke as those who have no sex at all.)
  • DHEA released at orgasm improves immunity, cognition, tissue repair and bone strength.

Enjoy Sex and Live Longer

The studies into sex for older people all agree that the generations now in their fifth decade or enjoy sex and live longer - sexual dysfunctionolder are more determined than previous ones to beat sexual dysfunction and maintain an active sex life as they age.

And with erectile dysfunction drugs and non-pharmaceutical sexual health supplements they have more options for extra help to make that happen.

So if anyone tells you that sexual dysfunction is something you just have to put up with as you get older – they’re wrong.

And if you find for any reason impotence drugs won’t work for you or give you unpleasant side effects, there are other natural herbal treatments for sexual health.

Herbal Impotence Treatments

Popular natural sex boosters like Tribulus TerrestrisHorny Goat Weed, Maca, Muira Puama and Ginseng are used by thousands of men and women.

They may not be as instant in their effects – herbs often take longer to work and it’s usually recommended to take a three month dose – but they often provide additional benefits such as boosting libido and enhancing sensations.

They are yet another way to say ‘no’ to sexual dysfunction and yes to a longer happier life.