Sex Tablets for Men – A Guide

Sex tablets for men are available in two different types:Sex tablets for men

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Natural herbal

and can be used to treat two different sexual health problems:

  • Erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting an erection)
  • Low sex drive (not feeling interested in sex.)

It’s important to realise the erectile dysfunction and low libido are not the same thing, and they require different treatments.  Sex tablets like Viagra and Cialis do not help with sex drive – you need to be headache - sex tablets for mensexually aroused before they will work.

Sex tablets for erectile dysfunction offer successful treatment options for many men. However some men notice unpleasant side effects like bad headaches with the pharmaceutical sex tablets while the most of the natural herbal ones cause few if any unpleasant side effects.

Pharmaceutical Sex Tablets for ED

The pharmaceutical sex tablets like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have changed men’s lives, but they are only suitable for moderate erectile dysfunction and do not work for between 25 and 30 per cent of men.  They are not effective for men with severe diabetes, or who have had a radical prostatectomy.

They work in one way – by promoting blood flow to the penis – but are not effective if the erectile Bloodflow - Sex Tablets for Menproblems are caused by other common factors like high stress or low testosterone. Pharmaceutical sex tablets work within 3o minutes to an hour, and so give an “instant” result, but they also reduce spontaneity because couples feel they have to “make sex by appointment” and wives feel the sex is focused on the man getting an erection rather than allowing time for loving foreplay.

This is one of the major reasons given for couples ceasing to use pharmaceutical sex tablets even if they give successful erections.

Herbal Sex Tablets for ED

Herbal sex tablets, by contrast to the pharmaceutical sex tablets, work holistically in the body in many different ways, and so a specially formulated product like Herbal Ignite can work by lifting testosterone levels, increasing blood supply to the penis, and reducing stress all in one sex tablet.

And although they take longer to start working – usually they need to be taken daily like a vitamin or dietary supplement and begin working within a few days – once they are established in a man’s system sex can occur spontaneously and the pressure to “take a sex tablet to perform” disappears.

Pharmaceutical Sex Tablets for Low Libido

The most common pharmaceutical sex tablet involves testosterone therapy, available in Australia under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme as long as you qualify under the guidelines.

Testosterone therapy is effective as a treatment for low sex drive in men and women, and has steadily increased in use in Australia in recent years.

Herbal Sex Tablets for Low Libido

herbal sex tablets for menHerbal sex tablets like Herbal Ignite contain herbs that have been used for thousands of years for men’s sexual health and are effective for both erectile dysfunction and treating low sex drive and improving libido.

Herbs that have been used in traditional medicine for low sex drive include tribulus terrestris, horny goat weedyohimbemaca and damiana.

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