Erectile dysfunction can be either global, occurring persistently in all contexts, or situational, occurring just some of the time. Some experts believe that all men will be affected by some form of erectile dysfunction, whether psychological or physical or both, at some stage in their life.

oldiesIf psychologically-caused erectile dysfunction becomes persistent, or is having any sort of negative impact on your relationship, it’s always good advice to do something about it sooner rather than later. Australian research into male sexual function recommends men get on to erectile dysfunction issues as soon as the signs first manifest. Sexually active Aussie men live longer – with the reverse unfortunately also true.

The good news is, there are several simple, natural steps you can take to reduce the effects of psychological erectile dysfunction, including:

  • Maintaining a better work / life balancesoccer
  • Getting regular rest and recreation
  • Improving exercise habits
  • Improving diet habits
  • Making sure you dedicate quality time to your relationship with your partner