Performance Enhancers

Much like penis enhancement cures, male performance enhancers can take on a variety of forms; most commonly creams, pills, oils, nasal sprays, vacuum pumps, complex looking pieces of equipment and exercises.
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Ads for performance enhancers appear everywhere, in glossy magazines, online, even infomercials and late night TV. Typically they involve a grinning man grasping a bottle of pills, surrounded by a veritable sea of sultrily smiling women!

Of course with the media’s current obsession over men’s sexual performance it’s perhaps no surprise that interest in male performance enhancers seems to have spiked.

The term performance enhancer can be a little confusing though. What is meant exactly by ‘performance’ can vary from product to product.  In most cases however, either premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction are the targets, though some may also claim to enlarge penises.

Performance Enhancers – Penis Enlargers

It’s been said a hundred times, but it’s probably worth repeating: there’s not legitimate, effective and safe method of enlarging your penis on the market, save for expensive painful surgery.

male ego - performance enhancersEven the few methods that do increase penis size only do so by a 2-3 centimetres, and almost always at a high risk of permanently damaging the penis, in some cases even causing erectile dysfunction.
Companies selling penis enlargers prey on two key factors: male ego and male insecurity. Don’t fall for it! There’s much better ways to waste your money, trust us.

Performance Enhancers – Premature Ejaculation

Male performance enhancers for premature ejaculation can take a number of forms, most commonly pills, creams and nasal sprays. In most of these the active ingredient is a substance called Dapoxetine, which belongs to a class of drugs called SSRIs, similar to many popular anti-depressants. The good news here is that Dapoxetine does appear to work, bear in mind Dapoxetine is fairly expensive and not without side effects.

In most cases premature ejaculation’s causes are psychological at root. For many men affected by all in the mind - performance enhancerspremature ejaculation, it’s possible to resolve the issue through a mixture of mental techniques such as distracting yourself. There are also some physical techniques that can prove handy too.

Other men may find these techniques alone insufficient. In these cases, your best bet is to put aside fears of embarrassment and make an appointment with a good Aussie sexual health counsellor or therapist. As painful as taking that first step may seem, trust us, in the long run you’ll be very glad you did something about it. The sooner you do something about it the sooner you can enjoy regular sexual function again.

Performance Enhancers – Erectile Dysfunction

Typically, male performance enhancers that treat Erectile Dysfunction come in the form of oils and creams. Ingredients such as L-arginine and yohimbe are common, though be advised that the latter is currently not legally available for sale in Australia due to concerns around side effects. The major advantage of oils and creams is that they in theory work much faster and are not influenced by blood alcohol levels or stress and anxiety. The main disadvantage is that effects are temporary and will generally wear off within 15-30 minutes.
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It’s also possible to get erectile dysfunction male performance enhancers in the form of a nasal spray. Be advised though that as well as legitimate nasal sprays there are also dodgy ineffective ones hawked online too, so it pays to do your research first. Ones that actually work are pharmaceutical-based, the major active ingredient usually being Clomipramine. Of course these are prescription only, and will require an initial consultation with a qualified medical professional before commencing treatment, which can again easily become very expensive.

Herbal performance enhancers for erectile dysfunction have the advantage of being all natural, and thus not only not requiring embarrassing consultations and prescriptions but also typically being side effect free.

Some great performance enhancer herbs include horny goat weedtribulus terrestrisyohimbe and avena sativa. When considering a herbal performance enhancer for erectile dysfunction be sure to check which herbs are included—It always pays to do your homework!

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