Treatment for Performance Anxiety

relax - performance anxiety treatmentAs clichéd as it is, experts say one of the best performance anxiety treatments for Aussie blokes is the old stand-by:


It’s free, it’s easy. Remember 99% of what’s going through your head exists only in your head. Sometimes sexual encounters can be intimidating, especially if it’s for the first time with someone who means a lot to you. It’s easy to become your own worse enemy though and summon a horde of mental worries, to essentially intimidate yourself into needing performance anxiety treatment.

But that needn’t be the end of it. Performance anxiety is more common amongst Aussie men than you might think, and there’s plenty of ways you can do something about it.

Performance anxiety can take many forms. Most common is a purely psychological form of erectile dysfunction, but in can also relate to premature ejaculation too.  Fortunately, there are plenty of performance anxiety treatment options available. Here’s a brief rundown on some of the forms performance anxiety can take, and the performance anxiety treatments available to help you.

Common Types of Performance Anxiety

Of course, a big part of finding the right performance anxiety treatment is working out exactly what sort of performance anxiety is affecting you, and the underlying causes.

1. Penis Size Anxietypenis size anxiety - performance anxiety treatment

For most men, this is a lot of worry over nothing much. Sexual health experts agree that most men’s penises fall under the definition of ‘normal’ length, with the average around 13cms and average difference only 1.7cms. Unless your erection is under 7.5cms it’s not considered statistically small.

Perhaps even more importantly, while only 55% of men report satisfaction with their penis size, a whopping 85% of women report being more than happy with the length of their partner’s penis!

2. Losing Your Erection

The slang term for this is ‘condom collapse’. Erectile dysfunction is usually defined as the inability to attain or maintain erections sufficient for sexual activity. Common estimates suggest about 40% of middle-aged Aussie blokes affected by ED to some extent, with this figure almost doubling by the time men hit their seventies.

A range of treatments for erectile dysfunction exist, from drugs to psychological treatments and counselling, lifestyle changes like exercise and diet, or even traditional all-natural herbal supplements

The best treatment of course depends on the cause. If you think your erectile dysfunction is mostly psychological in origin, drugs probably won’t help much. The best performance anxiety treatment will likely be a mixture of lifestyle changes and sexual health counselling or therapy.

Recent science suggests that with erectile dysfunction the rule of thumb is ‘use it or lose it’. Do yourself a favour, and seek early treatment.

3. Ejaculating too Fast

too fast - performance anxiety treatmentThis is sometimes alternatively known as premature ejaculation, fast ejaculation, premature climax, fast climax, early ejaculation or early climax. Premature ejaculation is usually defined as any ejaculation prior to penetration or too early during sexual activity. Of course  what exactly constitutes ‘too early’ is subjective and will differ from couple to couple.

The most common causes of premature ejaculation are stress and anxiety, often stemming simply from a lack of confidence or experience.

4. General Performance Anxiety

This basically derives from the body’s natural flight or fight response, where  the body responds to perceived threats by increasing adrenalin and diverting bloodflow away from extremities to essential organs instead, such as heart, lungs, major muscles.

Only in this case the threat is only psychological, and unfortunately your erection comes under the ‘divert bloodflow away from’ extremities category. As with premature ejaculation, the most common causes are anxiety, stress and lack of experience.

So. Wanting to know what you can do about performance anxiety? We outline next the various forms of performance anxiety treatments, and the ups and downs of each.

Drug-Based Performance Anxiety Treatments

If the performance anxiety is resulting from stress over premature ejaculation, one option is DapoxetineDapoextine is a drug similar to many anti-depressants, and it does indeed work. However it isn’t cheap and can cause a range of side effects, including: headaches, insomnia, nausea, delayed ejaculation, and even anxiety itself! Which seems perhaps a little counterproductive…

If you’re seeking performance anxiety treatment for psychologically-caused erectile dysfunction, the standard erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis are also an option. Of course, this will only provide a temporary fix, leaving the underlying problem unfortunately unresolved.

There’s also some evidence that beta-blockers may be useful for treating general anxiety caused conditions. Again though, beta-blockers come with some significant risks as benefits, with various potential side effects associated with their use. As such experts suggest people try non-drug performance anxiety treatments first.

Natural Performance Anxiety Treatments

The number one culprit behind performance anxiety is usually stress. There’s a number of way you can yoga - performance anxiety treatmenttry to reduce stress in your life. For some people exercise, yoga, meditation and prayer work wonders for some. And despite often being used to deal with the stresses of daily life, both caffeine and nicotine can actually worsen stress and anxiety. In fact, stopping smoking is one of the easiest ways to really improve erectile function.

There’s also much to be said for improving your dietary and exercise habits! Research shows regular, moderate exercise actually reduces your biological age by nine years. And you’d be surprised how even modest weight loss can really boost erectile function.

Another good suggestion is to improve your work-life balance where necessary, and otherwise good Aussie counsellors or psychologists trained in cognitive behavioural techniques can make a huge difference.

And again, don’t forget that worrying too much about performance during sex is probably the single biggest source of anxiety. Try to relax your mind, even think about something else! Science tells us that relaxed guys have more success with women generally speaking anyway!

Herbal Ignite: Performance Anxiety Treatment

Another great performance anxiety treatment option is Herbal Ignite. Thanks to key herbal ingredient Avena Sativa, Ignite will not only increase virility and stamina, but will also help to naturally reduce stress and anxiety. Ignite also contains horny goat weed and tribulus terrestris, which work to boost your interest in sexbloodflow, and natural testosterone production: give you a strong sense of well-being, vitality and virility. Get yourself a great performance anxiety treatment. Discover the Herbal Ignite difference for yourself today!

Jenny Wheeler