Penis Spray

Penis Sprays Available

Penis Sprays come in one of two distinct varieties: premature ejaculation aids, and the penis enlarging variety.

‘Penis Enlarging’ Penis Spraysscam - penis spray

Look. No matter what the spam emails try to tell you, the hard truth of the matter is:

There’s no product that has ever been proved to enlarge your penis. Whatsoever. It’s a scam. Save your money, and your ego!

Premature Ejaculation Penis Sprays

How do these work? Essentially by applying a mild anaesthetic to the penis head, reducing sensation and responsiveness. Put bluntly: it numbs your nob.

The good news is, in this case there’s actual evidence the active ingredient, Dapoexetine actually works. The bad news is, there are a few potentially nasty side effects too. And it’s not too cheap either.
stress less - penis spray
There’s other ways to naturally combat premature ejaculation. Stress and anxiety are often prime culprits. Decreasing stress levels in your life, and trying not to think too much about ejaculation during sex can make a real difference.

Another option is natural sex booster Herbal Ignite.  A key ingredient in Ignite isAvena Sativa, which naturally lifts mood, and decreases stress and anxiety. Ignite has helped thousands of men restore their love lives over the last fourteen years.  See the difference for yourself!