Penis Pumps Treatment for ED

penis pump - treatmentsPenis pump treatment for erectile dysfunction is best suited to men with severe erectile dysfunction which cannot be successfully treated by erectile drugs like Viagra and Cialis and who don’t want to use penile injections. It helps if they are also in stable relationships with partners positively committed to penis pump use.

This is because the pumps can be tricky to use, and if battery powered can be quite noisy; but one study showed those who got used to them found them satisfactory. About 70 per cent of the study continued to use them after two years and 68 per cent said they were satisfied with penis pump treatment.

Penis pump treatment may still be the best for men with “refractory ED” – men who in layman’s terms have no easy answer to erectile dysfunction because of other health issues (diabetes or serious heart disease) or as the result of a radical prostatectomy (RP) for prostate cancer.

How Penis Pump Treatment Works

A plastic cylinder is placed over the penis and the pump – either manual or battery operated – creates a vacuum which draws blood up the penis. Once the penis is erect, a band is placed over the shaft and the vacuum released.two hands - treatments - penis pumps

Manual pumps may require two hands to operate and require some hand dexterity which may be difficult for men with arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease.

There are a wide range of penis pump treatment models available.  Our Penis Pumps Review outlines in a lot of detail the most common models available in Australia and their different features, advantages and disadvantages.

Side Effects of Penis Pump Treatment

Sex is different with penis pumps (also known as a vacuum erection device VED). The penis is colder than with a normal erection, and it can take 10 to 20 minutes for the penis to get rigid enough for intercourse. Ejaculation feels different too, because semen can feel “trapped.”

Possible side effects of using penis pumps include:

  • Pinpoint sized red dots caused by bleeding under the skin surface (petechiae)pain or bruising - treatments - penis pumps
  • Numbness, coldness, or bluish coloured skin when the constriction band is in place
  • Pain or bruising
  • Feeling of trapped semen

The commonest causes given for stopping use of penis pumps were inadequate rigidity, failure to ejaculate, and dissatisfaction with how the penis looked and felt.