Penis Patches?manscaping - penis patch

Well. We can guess what you’re thinking here, and no. ‘Penis Patch’ is not just one more alias for manscaping.

The Only Thing Getting Bigger with Penis Patches: Pinocchio’s Nose

pinocchio - penis patchSo-called Penis Patches are just one of many products floating around that claim to add inches to your penis. And as most of us probably know by now, there’s just no product on the market that will actually enlarge your penis. If it did, with all those spam emails flying around, someone would have probably made billions by now.

But what’s the difference between a Penis Patch and the myriad enlargement pills? In a nut-shell, Penis Patches promise to work more effectively via direct absorption through the skin, thus bypassing digestive and other systems that might supposedly decrease the efficacy of the magical penis enlarging ingredients.

Penis Patches and Ego Exploitation

Basically, purveyors of Penis Patches hope to prey on male ego and insecurity. Don’t buy into it. Not only will it not enlarge your penis, there are some real horror stories about the effects these cowboy cures can have in extreme cases.

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