How to Keep Your Penis Healthy

There should be a few obvious points about good penis health here, such as always practising safe sex and taking care not to bend or twist the penis too violently.

its complicated - healthy penisBut let’s face it. The process around erections is complex. It involves tricky bloodflow arrangements, nerve function, neurotransmitters, nitric oxide. And then as it turns out, healthy penis erections may actually work in a similar way to how earthworms move. Phew! Talk about room for confusion! But as it’s so vitally important to good sexual health for men, it’s worth taking the time to understand it all bettter.

Many factors contribute to penis health, both good and poor. They include:

Don’t worry if it all seems overwhelming though. When it comes to penis health, if you’re feeling a little confused or even downright bewildered, that’s nothing unusual. You’re certainly not alone there! With the slew of false information and myths about penis health and general sexual health floating around, you can be forgiven for feeling a little lost sometimes. Let us be your guide through the plethora of information circulating out there!

Healthy Penis Facts

In light of which, here’s a few penis health facts you may not be aware of.

broken penis - penis health1. You can break your penis. While the penis is not a bone (or a muscle for that matter, more on this below), the tubes that fill with blood during an erection can indeed burst if the penis is twisted or bent violently during erection.  Blood pours out the ruptured tubes and pools internally, causing a very painful swelling.

2. More than meets the eye. Your penis is probably much larger than you ever realised, with more than half of its true length concealed inside your body, tucked up inside the pelvis and connected to the pubic bone. Seen through an MRI, an erect penis is actually shaped a little like a boomerang. The things you learn!

3. Average penis length. This can vary a little from study to study, but around 13cms for length and 12cms for girth seems a reasonable consensus.

4. Smaller penises make for bigger erections. It seems the popular distinction of ‘growers’ and ‘show-ers’ may actually have some evidence behind it. It seems around 79% of men fall into the first category, with 21% of men possessing so-called ‘show-ers’.

A study published in the Journal of Sex Research found that penises that were shorter when flaccid gained twice as much length when erect as compared with penis that were long when flaccid. In essence, the researchers found that while flaccid penises varied in average length by 3.1cm, for erect penises the average difference was only 1.7cm.

Kinsey’s famous sexual health mega-research also obtained similar results.

5. Penis Health and Enlargement. Speaking of penis size. Experts agree that the vast majority of healthy penises easily fall within the confines of ‘normal’ penis length and most men have no cause for concern. A penis is only really considered small if less than 7.5 cm or 3 inches in length. It’s also worth noting that while only 55% of men are satisfied with the size of their penises, 85% of women report being more than satisfied with their partner’s penis size!

It’s important to be aware too that most penis enlarging ‘treatments’ are ineffective, expensive and potentially harmful. If you feel your penis is too small sexual health counselling may be a better option. Therapy helps men identify and correct any distorted perceptions of their penises, builds self-confidence and overcome any applicable fears around having a sexual relationship. If you are interested in a good local counsellor, a list of great Aussie sexual health practitioners is available here.

6. Night-time erections. The average healthy penis will experience 3-5 erections each night, each one lasting 25-35 minutes. Commonly men will wake during the last one, giving rise to the terms ‘morning wood’ and ‘morning glory’. The precise cause of night-time erections is not known, though it is believed to be related somehow to REM sleep patterns, and doctors agree they should be taken as a positive sign of good penis health, that everything is in working order.
smoking shrinkage penis - penis health
7. Smoking and shrinkage. Thanks to international anti-smoking campaigns, most of us are probably aware by now of the direct link between smoking and erectile dysfunction. As it turns out though, smoking can actually shorten your penis full stop, due to its calcifying effects on penile blood vessels. It’s not worth the risk!

8. Circumcision. Around 30% of men worldwide are circumcised, according to WHO reports. They note that this figure varies heavily by region however, with Jewish and Muslim males accounting for over 70% of all men circumcised worldwide.

Good Hygiene and Penis Health

Keeping your penis clean and healthy is easy enough, if you follow a few simple steps. Give it the care it deserves—your partner will probably thank you for it too!

Gently wash the penis with warm water daily as part of your shower or bath routine, pulling back your foreskin to clean under there too if you have one. It’s fine to use something like aqueous cream as a cleaning agent, but it goes without saying that this is sensitive skin so beware any harsh soaps or cleaners, as well as talcum powder, deodorants, colognes. None of these will improve penis health, and the risk of painful irritation and inflammation is high.

If you don’t wash regularly and thoroughly, a cheesy substance called smegma may build up. Smegma is a natural lubricant that helps keep the penis healthy and moist and is perfectly fine in small amounts. Too much smegma build-up however can cause problems, including off-putting smells, bacterial growth, even redness and swelling in the penile head called Balantis. All of which is poor penis health indeed!
It is also a good idea to thoroughly clean and dry the areas around the base of the penis and scrotum. In these areas a general soap or cleaner is probably fine.

Common Healthy Penis Myths

not a muscle - penis health1. The penis is a muscle. Forget everything you’ve heard about this so-called ‘love muscle’: the penis actually contains none. That’s why an erect penis cannot be moved much. It’s more like a system of two long, large sponges. With something like earthworm skin on top.

2. Penis enlargement exists. As mentioned above, most penis enlargement treatments do nothing, cost the earth and may even be hazardous to your penis’s health. Don’t be tempted!

3. Penis length is linked to foot size. Or hand size, forearm size, nose size… or the size of any other appendages, phallic or otherwise. There was even research published in the British Journal of Urology International aimed at dispelling this popular myth, measuring the penis and foot lengths of a range of British men, from pensioners to teenagers. The average foot length was size nine, the average penis length 5.1 inches, with no correlation found between the two.

4. Masturbation has no unwanted side-effects whatsoever. We’ve probably all heard the urban legend that too much masturbation will make you go blind, which is of course totally false. As are claims of it causing acne, insanity, or hair on the palms of your hand. However research indicates that the most common cause of penile rupture (i.e. a broken penis) is overly vigorous masturbation. Everything in moderation perhaps?

5. You don’t have enough blood to run your brain and penis at the same time.  A popular one, partly perhaps because it’s funny and seems true to experience. However there’s no hard scientific evidence to support the assertion that an erection impairs cognitive function in any way.

6. Viagra and other drugs are the holy grail for men affected by ED. Viagra and other PDE-5 inhibiting erectile dysfunction drugs work around 70% of the time so far as causing erections goes. They do not in any way resolve the underlying physical issues causing poor penis health however, much less do anything for the psychological or desire factors.

Herbal Ignite and Good Penis Health

Although usually safe, drugs are not without serious side effects, and if not used according to instruction can even have dire consequences.
good penis health
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