What is Penis Enhancement?

spam-emails-penis-enhancementWith the flurry of spam emails and ads popping up everywhere, chances are good you’ve stumbled across the terms ‘Penis Enhancement’ several times now—regardless of whether or not you actually wanted.

Penis enhancement is essentially an assortment of techniques which claim to increase penis length, width or erectile hardness. They come in many forms: pumps, pills, creams, medieval torture device-looking contraptions, exercises and surgery.

With the recent rise in interest in men’s sexual performance, it’s perhaps no surprise to see the general public’s fascination peak almost overnight around the issue of male enhancement too. But is penis enhancement really legit? After all, if it was, wouldn’t every guy be trying it?

Why Penis Enhancement? Does it Work?

As Professor Michael O’Leary of Harvard Medical School puts it, there probably isn’t a guy alive who male ego and insecurity - penis enhancementhasn’t wished at some point or another that his penis was an inch or so larger. It’s this basic combination of uniquely male ego and insecurity that drives the current interest in male enhancement.

The hard truth (excuse the pun!) though, is that after many decades of dubious and sometimes downright dangerous penis enhancement techniques, there’s very little out there that’s of any real value. Sure, there’s plenty of purported penis enhancement options floating around online. Frankly though, you’d have to be mad to let most of the devices and creams out there anywhere near your privates.

And even if they don’t cause pain or irreversible damage, most are extraordinarily ineffective, and the few that do anything will only produce modest, almost unnoticeable results—forget ‘adding extra inches’. Millimetres is more likely, and even that only if you’re lucky. And then there’s the unwanted detrimental side effects of penis enhancement techniques. And unfortunately we’re talking erectile dysfunction detrimental here, more often than not.

Unfortunately, none of this stops many size-obsessed men from trying some very dodgy treatments on a rather irreplaceable part of their body! Next time you see a promotion for penis enhancement just ask yourself—is it really worth losing it all?

The Penis Enhancement Truth

bemused woman - penis enhancementMost women report being more than a little bemused by many men’s penis enhancement obsession. Not only does it make said men look sadly insecure, but if asked most women would likely indicate they’re much more interested in what a man can do with it than the size alone. Imagine if the world’s largest commercial aircraft couldn’t actually fly.

Believe it or not, while less than half of men indicate they’re happy with the size of their penises, almost 90% of all women report being more than happy with the length of their man’s penis. You see, despite what you may think or may have been told, research shows the significant majority of men do not have smaller than average penises. So you can just forget all that empty locker room bragging.

Typically, most men’s penises are around thirteen centimetres long when fully erect.
In other words, most men are their own worst enemies when it comes to penis size envy. 

billionaire's - penis enhancementPerformance anxiety is more frequent amongst men today than ever before.  Don’t be taken in too. Resist the penis enhancement marketing and spin.Just ask yourself—if there really was a safe, effective way to lengthen your penis, wouldn’t the inventors of this apparent penis enhancement technique be millionaires by now? If not billionaires?

Real Penis Enhancement with Herbal Ignite

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