Nitric Oxide – Erection Treatmentnitric oxide erection

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the flood of nitric oxide erection treatments available: promising ‘insane erections’ and more. What’s the truth behind the treatment though? What is the relationship between nitric oxide and erections, exactly?

Can Nitric Oxide Help Erections?

When you think of nitric oxide, it’s likely that the first thing that springs to mind is probably not erections, but instead either the dentist’s laughing gas, or screaming performance cars.  In both cases however the substance in questions is actually nitrous oxide, which has a different chemical compound to nitric oxide!

Nitric oxide is the substance l-arginine naturally converts to in the bloodstream. It causes blood vessels to widen, increasing bloodflow. This affects all areas of the body, in particular the genitals, where the improved bloodflow translates to an increase in libido and sexual function.

So. The burning question: does it actually work? Yes. In fact, without nitric oxide, it’s actually impossible to even get an erection!

Nitric Oxide Needed for Erections and Sex

nerve cells - nitric oxide erectionsThe technical details: nitric oxide causes penile erections via vasodilation, dilation of blood vessels in the penis. It also improves the tone and quality of blood vessel lining and relaxes smooth muscle.

In essence, certain nerve cells related to the sexual arousal process use nitric oxide as a neurotransmitter.  For example, when nerve cells in the penis’ corpora cavernosa receive an arousal signal from the brain, they release nitric oxide, which in turn stimulates production of a particular enzyme (guanylate cylase) which causes arteries in the corpora cavernosa to dilate—and hey presto. Blood rushes in. Penis balloons out. Erection is achieved, all thanks to nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide has also been found to associated with clitoral and vaginal bloodflow, playing a role in female genital blood engorgement similar to its role in erections. It also assists with natural lubrication processes. In fact, nitric oxide is critical to so many bodily processes, in 1992 it was named molecule of the year.

So talk of certain couples ‘having good chemistry together’ is actually quite apt! Healthy levels of nitric oxide is critical for not only erections but good sexual function in both men and women.

How the Body Produces Nitric Oxide

Recent research in journal Nature Medicine has shed new light on the processes the body uses to produce this important molecule.

Nitric oxide is synthesised from the amino acid arginine, via the action of enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS). However the researchers found that even when cells have sufficient arginine to produce nitric oxide, extra arginine boosts nitric oxide production, providing support for use of arginine as a sexual function booster.

There are other natural products that appear to boost nitric oxide, and thus erection function. Horny goat weed in particular is known for improving genital bloodflow: thanks to action of elevating nitric oxide levels via inhibiting the enzyme that reduces nitric oxide.

Nitric Oxide and Immunity

immunologists barely scratch surface - nitric oxide erectionsInterestingly, nitric oxide is also a critical player in good immune function. It is key to not only immune system control of disease, but also cancers, autoimmune processes and degenerative disorders. In fact Nitric oxide’s immune functionality is so widespread and influenced by variation in concentration immunologists feel they are barely scratching the surface of understanding both its full influence and how to utilise this for therapeutic measures.

Nitric Oxide and Diabetes

Nitric oxide is also believed to be beneficial in the prevention or reduction of  prevention of diabetic complications, as well as general good cardiovascular health. This should come as no surprise, as there are established connections between bloodflow, diabetes and erectile function.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is often associated with an impairment in production of nitric oxide. Reduction in nitric oxide levels lowers the efficacy of tissue repair and wound healing, as well as vasodilation and thus general cardiovascular functioning. This further reduces nitric oxide production impacting on neurotransmission and pain reception as well.

Low nitric oxide levels can aggravate many of the complications of diabetes, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Retinopathy
  • Nerve damage
  • Kidney disease
  • Bruises to the extremities
  • Poor circulation to the extremeties

Thus while nitric oxide will not improve insulin levels, it can certainly make a significant difference to diabetic symptoms and complications.

Nitric Oxide Delivery Methods for Erection Treatment

Natural ways to boost your body’s nitric oxide levels include eating more foods rich in arginine, such as red meat, poultry, fish and dairy.

There are also a variety of arginine supplements available; current scientific evidence provides support for topical use of arginine only however. There is no real evidence that oral arginine supplements will significantly boost levels of nitric oxide or erectile function.

Side Effects of Nitric Oxide for Erection Treatment

As with all cases of natural ingredients isolated and refined into drug form, nitric oxide is not without its potential side effects. These may include:nitric oxide erection - side effects

As such, if you’re interested in taking nitric oxide as an erection treatment, be sure to consult with a trained medical professional first and establish a dosage that is appropriate and safe. Be wary too of online nitric oxide erection treatment peddlers.

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