Weight Loss Reverses ED

Australian research reinforces international studies which show even a modest weight loss helps reverse erectile dysfunction – and the benefits to your sex life of even a short time on a low calorie diet can last for as long as a year.
low calorie diet - weight-loss helps ED
Adelaide University Professor of Medicine Dr Gary Wittert put 31 obese men with type 2 diabetes on a low calorie diet, and found that after only eight weeks modest weight loss rapidly reversed ED and urinary problems.

Dr Wittert and his colleagues put the men on one of two diets: a low-calorie diet using liquid meal replacements, or a high-protein diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish.
After 8 weeks, the men on the liquid meal diet had lost between 8% and 10% of their body weight, and the men on the high-protein diet had lost 5%. In both groups, men said they had improved urological and sexual health.


ED Went From “Severe’ to ‘Mild’

The study followed the men for 1 year, switching all the men to the high-protein, more nutritional diet after 8 weeks. By the end, the men from both groups had lost around 10% of their weight and had continued to show improvement in urologic health and erectile dysfunction.

On average, their scores on a scale used to measure erectile function had improved from the “severe erectile dysfunction” category to the “mild erectile dysfunction” score.

Rural Men Believe Size Equals Power

godzilla - size is power - weight loss helps EDThat challenges the belief amongst rural Australian men that being big equates with “being strong.” A 2008 study found many men preferred being “bigger” because it meant “when you go into a bar people aren’t going to try and pick on you”.

Lead researcher Gabrielle O’Kane, from Charles Sturt University in NSW, said a normal weight farmer told researchers he felt his slimness made him an ‘easy target’ for fights, while others talked about how they believed size equalled power.

Ms O’Kane said it was clear masculine ‘myths’ about weight persisted among rural men, one of the most vulnerable demographics for obesity and other health problems.

Weight Loss Decreases Erectile Problemsweight-loss helps ED

But Dr Wittert’s Adelaide study is just part of mounting evidence that shows even a small amount of weight loss can really improve erectile function. Which is one of many good reasons to trim that spare tire a bit (just in case you weren’t convinced!).

Weight Loss Improves Penile Blood Flow

As far as reasons to drop a few kilos go, excess weight ruining your sex life is probably one of the biggies!  Just like diabetes, obesity restricts vessels and blood flow, and thus worsens erectile dysfunction: basically anything that is bad for your blood vessels is usually bad for erectile function as well. The tiny arteries in the penis are amongst the first to suffer.

Good news though: there are other international studies with bigger sample groups which echo the Australian one; it seems even a small amount of weight loss can make a difference to erectile function.

10% Weight Loss = Big Improvement in Erectile Function

The research involved older men who had a BMI (Body Mass Index) of at least thirty — classified as obese under the BMI system, and who were also affected by ED. The results showed that even weight loss of 5-10% could have a big impact on erectile dysfunction.

The men who lost weight also saw significant improvements in their bloodflow and testosterone levels.

And a study with infertile women showed weight loss improved women’s sex lives and sex drive as well. Obese women also found it more difficult to get a sexual partner than obese men.

Eat Less, Move More: Each Kilo Lost Helps Sex!

So: what’s the key to weight loss? With all the diet fads and exercise programmes out there, if you’re feeling a little daunted (or cynical) it’s quite understandable! A few simple steps could make all the difference though. Why not try:moderate exercise - weight loss helps ED
1)      ED is helped by regular moderate exercise, about 30mins 3 to 5 times a week
2)      Limit intake of sugary and high-fat foods
3)      Reduce alcohol consumption
4)      Get a regular seven hours of sleep each night
5)      Stop smoking
A recent survey shows Aussie men are the second most obese in the world. Be encouraged – even a modest weight loss will help erectile dysfunction, an excellent reason to start doing something about it today!

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