Sexual Performance & Men’s Emotional Health

Energizer Bunny - Men's Sexual PerformanceMen’s sexual performance is more influenced by emotions than we’ve generally been led to believe. Not only do men rely on sex for emotional connection, but far from being sexual automatons that rut like Energizer Bunnies, many men who experience emotional stress, rejection, and constant nagging can cause impotence and performance anxiety.

Sydney sex expert Dr Rosie King says while women are adept at getting emotional support from social networks, men rely on sex for intimacy – one reason sexual performance is so essential to the male psyche.

Premature Ejaculation - Men's Sexual Performance

The most common sexual performance problempremature ejaculation, affects men of all  ages, but some men who had normal sexual performance when younger find in later life their erections last a progressively shorter time.

This later life or acquired premature ejaculation is usually caused by anxiety about sexual performance or relationship issues, although there can also be underlying physical causes.

Despite men’s anxiety about penis size, there is nothing to support the idea that size affects female response, or that male enhancement pills will make any difference to men’s sexual performance.

Physical Factors Affecting Sexual Performance

Adding to emotional factors are physical changes that impair men’s sexual performance like:

  • Constriction of blood flow to the penis from age related cell deterioration (cardio vascular disease, diabetes)
  • Slowing of nerve response from lower spinal column (diabetes, too much alcohol,)
  • Side effects of common medications for depression, joint pain, hay fever
  • Long term effects of lack of exercise, smoking, carrying too much weight

So it’s not surprising as many men age they find their sexual performance is also not as strong or frequent as when they were younger.

Sexual Performance Problems Provide Warning

University of Adelaide sexual health specialist Professor Gary Wittert is hoping that Aussie male pride in sexual performance may prompt more men to seek help when they notice problems.

Impotence An Early Warning - Men's Sexual PerformanceThat’s because changes in blood flow which affect sexual performance also predict possible future cardio vascular disease and diabetes if left untreated.

He hopes if he gets the message through that sexual performance problems can provide an early warning of other potentially serious health problems, men may be encouraged to seek treatment sooner.

Importance of Sexual Performance in Men’s Lives

Dr Helen Fisher, an expert on the chemistry of sexual performance, says some of the most misunderstood  aspects of men’s sexual performance include:

  • Men fall in love faster than women because they are so visual –   it’s instant attraction
  • Men are more dependent on their girlfriends and wives because they’ve got fewer intimate connections with other men
  • Men are two and a half times more likely to kill themselves when a relationship is over
  • Men are more likely to remarry after a spouse has died or deserted them

While Australian men’s rate of sexual performance problems is similar to the USA and Western Europe an Australian study showed:

  • A lower rate of treatment for sexual performance problems
  • Australian men and their doctors were reluctant to discuss lack of sexual performance when it occurs

What Is Normal Sexual Performance?American Sex - Men's Sexual Performance

According to a Durex survey 2009 Aussie men have sex 98 times a year compared with a global average of 96.  That’s 12th out of 27 countries, ten ahead of the Kiwis but well behind the Yanks at 132 times a year.

And according to the 2005 Doing it Down Under survey,

  • While nearly 40 per cent of men thought four to six times a week was the ideal number of times to have sex
  • Most were actually having sex either once a week or two to three times a week
  • Eight per cent said they actually had sex four to six times a week

The survey also found that

  • 57 percent of men between 35 and 44 wanted more sex
  • 50 per cent of men aged 55 to 64 wanted more sex

What Do Aussies Believe About Sexual Performance?

A 2009 survey done by Harlequin books showed most Australian men were romantics at heart:

  • over 90 per cent of  Australian men (91%) believe in perfect love, (compared with 55 per cent of Aussie women)
  • 46 percent of Australian men lust after the sweet tempered, wholesome girl-next-door.
  • 46 percent of Australian men would like to have sex on a sandy beach

 Dr Cindy Pan a Sydney GP and TV doctor who is an expert in sexual medicine says the typical Australian man likes oral sex as foreplay.

  • 20 percent of men said oral sex that was their idea of perfect foreplay. (Compared with only six percent of women)

Take Action for Poor Sexual Performance

If you’ve noticed your sexual performance is not what it was, follow Professor Gary Wittert’s advice and seek treatment.  Discover whether the source of the sexual performance problem is:

  • Emotional
  • Or physical
  • Or a combination of emotional and physical

 Consider using an herbal sexual performance enhancer like Herbal Ignite to give yourself a boost in energy, libido and sexual response.