Male Enhancement – Improving on Nature

So-called natural male enhancement pills are flooding the web. And the men searching on the term ‘male enhancement’ seem be looking for something to improve on what nature has given them in terms of the size of their penises.Donkey Smile - Male Enhancement

We doubt there is any product on earth that can do that – but there are other ways in which you can give yourself natural male enhancement and improve your sex life without being the size of a donkey.

Male Enhancement – Size Not the Issue

Look at Spanish heart throb singer Enrique Iglesias, who for the last decade has been dating tennis star Anna Kournikova, the Australian man’s No 1 choice as the world’s sexiest woman (according to the 2009 Durex condom survey.)

Enrique has talked to the press about not being able find small enough condoms, and has threatened he was going to promote an extra-small condom for his own satisfaction.

Judging by his enthusiastic (mainly female) fan base and zillion dollar career, his apparent lack of male enhancement hasn’t detracted from his success and sex appeal one jot.

Male Enhancement – The Bitter Pill

Popeye's Spinach - Male EnhancementTurns out, if you’re looking for male enhancement you might be better off taking a leaf out of Popeye’s book and sticking with the spinach.

There’s absolutely no evidence that any male enhancement product will increase your penis size. 

In fact, as WebMD points out, evidence suggests no product actually exists that will enlarge your penis.

So, why are so many of these natural male enhancement pills floating around in various shapes and sizes then?

It’s a unique marketing niche that exploits two very powerful things:

  • Male ego
  • Male insecurity.

And the funny thing is, although men seem to think size is all important, women don’t appear to mind.  In one survey women rated size ninth in ranking of attributes that make a good lover.

The Truth about Male Enhancement

The truth is though, the vast majority of men aren’t smaller than average, despite what they may think.

The typical erect penis is usually between twelve to fourteen centimetres long. There’s very little variation above or below this.

Research confirms this, indicating that most guys looking into male enhancement are actually well within the average size-range.

Getting Real Male Enhancement

So to summarise: for most men, the ‘problem’ they are trying to solve with male enhancement products is pretty much psychological. But it does indicate personal insecurity and a lag in sexual confidence. And that more than anything to do with penis size can put a real damper on your sex life.

If your sex life is missing the spark it used to have, there are herbal remedies that have been used successfully for thousands of years to increase libido and enhance sexual performance and response. That’s the kind of natural male enhancement we can all endorse.

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