Low Sex Drive Affects Men & Women

Low sex drive is one of the hardest things for a man to admit to, because it’s generally believed men are always randy and women the ones who are lukewarm on sex.

So it might be a surprise to learn that many men also experience low sex drive at some stage in their lives.

Low Sex Drive Most Common Aussie Sex ProblemAustralia - Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive or no sex drive was the most common sexual health problem for Australian men and women found in the Australian Study of Health and Relationships affecting:

  • nearly 25 per cent of men
  • and 55 per cent of women

Sex therapists and other research suggests:

  • low sex drive is the most common reason couples seek help
  • between 25 and 40 per cent of men experience low sex drive
  • low sex drive or no sex drive is the second most common sex problem for men after premature ejaculation

According to Sydney sex expert Dr Rosie King more than half of Australian women aged 29 to 59 report experiencing low sex drive or no sex drive at some time in the previous year.
Many of these women say they love their partner, life is good, they just don’t understand why they are not interested in having sex. 

Diagnosing Low Sex Drive

Deciding whether your sex drive is “low” depends entirely on your personal satisfaction levels.

The definition of low sex drive is subjective, according to WebMD sex therapist Louanne Cole Weston, PhD.
There could be a problem if:

  • A man is concerned about his low sex drive
  • If the relationship is stressed because one partner is complaining about not getting enough sex
  • A man – or a woman- wants sex more often than his partner
  • Or the female partner is concerned about her lack of interest in sex

It’s about compatibility rather than the number of times a week a couple has sex, says Dr Weston.

Three Important Facts About Low Sex Drive

1)      Men Worry About Low Sex Drive More Than Women
WebMD reports men who suffer from low sex drive are more bothered by it than women are. It’s harder for men with low sex drive  to feel happy about life, and it scares them more, because being sexually active is so much part of a male identity.
2)      Men & Women Have Low Sex Drive For Similar Reasons
Men and women need different “enhancers” to get turned on sexually:visual cues - low sex drive

  • Men are strongly stimulated by visual cues like nakedness or a display of cleavage
  • woman’s response is more diffuse and affected by the quality of the relationship and everything that has happened during her day.

However there are similar underlying physical and emotional causes for low sex drive in men and women.

3)      Low Sex Drive is Different from Erectile Dysfunction
Low sex drive or no sex drive is not the same thing as impotence or erectile dysfunction

  • ED is wanting to have sex but not being able to maintain an erection long enough
  • Low sex drive is having little desire for sex even if you are capable of achieving erections
  • ED drugs like Viagra do not increase desire so are not prescribed for men with low libido
  • ED drugs generally don’t work if there is no sex drive


Common Causes for Low Sex Drive in Both Men & Women

Although they may be turned on by different things, low sex drive is caused by similar underlying health factors in both men and women:

  • Side effects of common medications

Considered the Number 1 causes of low sex drive in men, but also affects many women.
Many of the medications prescribed for common health complaints reduce sex drive, in particular treatments for:

  • depression
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure
  • hay fever or sinus problems
  • joint and muscle pain


  • Emotional Health – Stress, Fatigue and Depression

Emotional health factors that can reduce sex drive in both men and women include:

  • The threat of financial insecurity
  • Traumatic events like job loss can reduce testosterone levels dramatically – adding ten years of physical aging in just a few months
  • Bereavement – loss of partner from death or divorce

Fatigue or depression can result from:

  • Chronic illness like diabetes and heart disease
  • High alcohol or drug intake

alcohol - low sex drive
While drinking moderately can enhance sex drive by providing a mutual time to unwind and get back in touch with one another – a big turn-on for women – heavy alcohol or drug use is disastrous for sex drive.


  • Hormone Imbalance

Both men and women undergo hormonal change in their middle years, and while opinions vary on whether there is a “male menopause,” some men are more noticeably affected by age-related hormonal changes than others.

  • For Men:  Low Testosterone /High Estrogen

A drop in testosterone affects sex driveHormone imbalance after 40 can also result in a relative increase in estrogen, leading to weight gain and further reduction in libido. And that metabolic merry go round can in turn lead to diabetes.

For Women: Changes in estrogen and progesterone at menopause can reduce sex drive and reduce vaginal lubrication, making intercourse difficult or painful.

  • Relationship IssuesNagging Wife - Low Sex Drive

One of the myths of male sexuality is that nothing gets in the way of men’s sex drive. The reality is many men need to feel emotionally connected to feel sexual just as women do. And nothing turns a man off quicker than a critical, nagging wife.

You Don’t Have to Put Up with Low Sex Drive

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