Libido Pills – Herbal and Pharmaceutical

libido-pillThere are a lot of myths about aging putting an end to your sex life. The good news is, the generalisations are usually wrong, and even if you do need a bit of a boost there are libido pills available to give you a helping hand.

First though a little clarification is needed.  The terms “libido pill” strictly means a pill to increase or enhance sex drive or libido, as distinct from curing erectile dysfunction.

And the very famous class of erectile drugs, the so-called PDE 5 inhibitors like ViagraCialisLevitra and others, will give men an erection but do nothing at all for your sex drive.  And if you have a low sex drive they won’t give you an erection either.  So you will need a libido pill before these types of erection pills will work for you.

However some herbal libido pills like Herbal Ignite and Ignite for Women do both jobs – increase sex drive and help with getting an erectionThat’s the benefit of a multiple action herbal formula.

Libido Pills to Increase Sex Drive

Two different choices are available when seeking libido pills for both men and women – pharmaceutical and herbal.

Pharmaceutical Libido Enhancers

First, you can consider the pharmaceutical route, and talk to you doctor about testosterone therapy.  Both men and women can benefit from testosterone treatment in later life, if their own natural levels of this very important sex hormone have declined.

Testosterone for Men’s Libido

Testosterone treatment is available in Australia as a subsidised treatment under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for men (but not women) with low testosterone and prescribing of testosterone treatment has steadily increased in recent years.  It can be administered by several delivery methods such as pills, skin patches, injections and implants.

All require prescriptions and close monitoring by a specialist, as this remains a fairly new area of medicine/research and even the experts cannot yet agree on the exact level of deficiency at which testosterone replacement should commence.

Testosterone for Women’s Libido

Australia is a world leader in studying the role of testosterone in women’s health, and muchtestosterone - libido pill of the research has been carried out at the Jean Hailes Foundation in Melbourne, a national women’s health organisation dedicated to research and education aimed at Australia’s 3.3 million women aged 35 to 65 who constitute 20 per cent of the population.

“Natural testosterone production in women doesn’t just affect sexual desire,” says the foundation’s director of research, Professor Susan Davis. “It also impacts on a woman’s moods, cognitive function and cardiovascular risk.”

Professor Davis told The Age newspaper that the quest to enhance female sexual desire has been a difficult road, due to societal taboos (“Many people still don’t like to think of women over 50 being sexually active”) and the more complicated sexual desire mechanisms of women (“Just increasing blood flow to the genitals, as Viagra does in men, isn’t the right solution”).

One Australian study showed testosterone improved memory in post-menopausal women and may play a protective role against dementia.

Testosterone ‘Won’t Fix Failing Relationship’

The Jean Hailes Foundation advises testosterone therapy may be beneficial for women who have significant symptoms like loss of libido, fatigue and diminished wellbeing. But it will not be the answer for a woman whose low libido is related to a poor quality of relationship, depression, or loss of wellbeing from other causes.

Currently no form of testosterone therapy is officially approved for Australian women under the Therapeutic Goods Administration, but it is has been prescribed for years in public hospital specialist clinics and private practices for postmenopausal women with low testosterone levels.

Testosterone can be taken as tablets, by injection, as an implanted pellet, skin patch, gel or spray – although not all forms may not be available yet in Australia.

The Jean Hailes Foundation provides full details of testosterone treatments for women with low libido on their website.

Oestrogen Pills For Women’s Libido

wild yams - libido pillThe Australasian Menopause Society suggests

oestrogen therapy (available in oral pills or creams) is another option for postmenopausal women with low libido.There is also an Australian bio-identical testosterone cream made from soy and wild yam substrates available for men and women with low libido.

Contraceptive Pill to Boost Libido

A contraceptive pill that may also boost libido has been approved by the TGA for sale to Australian women.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australian institutions took part in the research to support the development of Qlaira, an oral contraceptive containing a natural form of the female hormone oestradiol. 

The pill was developed for women with heavy periods but may also act as a libido pill. About five per cent of women experience low libido on some contraceptive pills because they also lower testosterone.  The natural oestrogen in Qlaira was said to reduce testosterone loss.

Herbal Libido Pills

Sexually enhancing herbs have been recognised and used in traditional medicine for centuries and are enjoying new prominence and popularity amongst those who prefer natural to pharmaceutical treatments.

Popular herbal libido pills like Herbal Ignite contain herbs like horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris and avena sativa, or damiana and dong quai in Herbal Ignite for Women – all approved for use in Australia.  Other formulas for herbal libido pills may contain yohimbe, maca and muira puama (not approved for Australia).

Libido Pills for Midlife Sex

accidental celibacy - libido pillScience says sex is good for you. It might even help you live longer. How many more reasons do  you need? Sure, some days you may not quite feel as ‘vigorous’ as in your youth, but don’t make that an excuse for accidental celibacy.

New research even suggests that sex improves after fifty.  For women in particular, the physical aspects of sex can become more important:  such as frequency, duration and regularity of female orgasm.

If things in the bedroom aren’t what they used to be, the best idea is to actually do something about it. Why not try a safe, natural libido pill that’s renewed thousands of couples’ love lives over the last fourteen years. Check out Herbal Ignite today.