Enhancers for Female Libido

There’s a famous saying that a woman’s main sex organ is her brain – and any man who ignores that truth won’t have a clue about finding the right libido enhancer for his woman.
Ears G-Spot for women - libido enhancer
Novelist Isabelle Allende phrased the same thought another way:  “For women, the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.”

And Sydney sex expert Dr Rosie King is only partly joking when she advises that the best libido enhancer for women is “twenty three and a half hours of foreplay.

That’s because for women, the best libido enhancer of all is a warm and intimate relationship before sex; just buying some sexy underwear and a kinky video isn’t going to do it.

Healthy Intimacy Best Libido Enhancer for Women

Everything in a woman’s day affects her desire and arousal, says Dr King. And the best libido enhancers for women are built around a healthy intimate relationship reflected in:

  • communication
  • intimacy
  • non-demanding attention
  • sensuality
  • quality time spent with your partner
  • and a low level of conflict

Understand that and you’ll understand you need to prepare for what happens in the bedroom long before lights out.

Tips for Men Looking for Female Libido Enhancers

Some of the ways to ensure you’ll find a libido enhancer that works for women:

  • Ask her about her day and listen to the answer
  • Give her flowers occasionally
  • Organise a night out together
  • Make romantic gestures – cards, flowers, gifts, compliments
  • Give her a card or make an unexpected phone call to say “I love you”

In short, you need to show her you care.

What Women Can Do to Enhance Female Libido

There’s a lot a woman can do for herself to enhance her libido, by creating surroundings and circumstances that are conducive to her feeling rested and sexy.

  • Understand what turns you off and get rid of it
  • Talk to your partner about what turns you on
  • Create a peaceful and sensual space you feel comfortable in
  • Ensure you are rested and not under too much stress
  • Make time – and space – for sex – don’t just expect it to happen


Natural Libido Enhancers for Women

Women have always looked to nature for female libido enhancers. From figs – reputedly favoured by Cleopatra – to artichokes, popularised as an aphrodisiac in 16th century France by Catherine de Medici, wife of the French King Henry II  – women have for centuries recognised the need for female libido enhancers.

avocado - libido enhancer for womenAvocados (forbidden by Spanish priests as a danger to chastity), to almonds, which Romans threw at newlyweds because the smell was said to incite female passion, all make the list of foods to enhance women’s libido.If some women prefer chocolate to sex, it’s not surprising perhaps, because chocolate contains several chemicals which release “feel good” brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

Herbal Supplements as Female Libido Enhancers

Today we are more likely to turn to herbal supplements to enhance female libido naturally. Herbs that are commonly used to enhance women’s libido include tribulus terrestrishorny goat weeddamiana, maca, mucuna pruriens, muira puama, dong quai, ginseng, ginko biloba and wild yam.

Many of these are found in herbal supplements to enhance women’s libido like Herbal Ignite, used by many couples together to increase their sexual satisfaction and enhance woman’s libido.

Kiwi Fruit Lubricant - libido enhancers for womenIf vaginal dryness is causing discomfort and creating a barrier for libido arousal, it’s worth using personal lubricants like kiwi fruit derived Sylk to enhance libidoaid lubrication and ease sensitivity.

Another option worth considering is L-arginine cream, which applied 30 minutes before intercourse can enhance a woman’s libido, and increase sexual arousal and response. Don’t be shy about using these types of products if they help. One great option to try is all-new Ignite Intimate Gel, a topically applied water-based aphrodisiac that improves sex drive, bloodflow, orgasms and lubrication.