Pills to Last Longer in Bed

pills to last longer in bedLooking for pills to help you last longer in bedPremature ejaculation is no fun for anyone, so it’s quite natural you’d want to do something about it!

Which Last Longer Pills are Best?

There are a variety of last longer in bed pills available. They range from your standard snake oil solutions to actual drugs with evidence to back their efficacy. One common drug is Dapoxetine, which is a similar formulation to anti-depressants. It isn’t cheap, at 76 British pounds for 3 pills!

And like all anti-depressants, Dapoxetine-based last longer pills have side effects to be aware of. These include insomnia, rash, nausea, headache, anxiety, and in some cases even delayed ejaculation. The lesson here is to choose carefully, check all last longer pills for ingredients and potential side effects before making any purchases.

Natural Pills for Lasting Longer

In many cases, psychological factors can be a major contributor to premature ejaculation. Stress is usually the number one culprit. The good news is that as well as last longer pills there’s a variety of treatment options available to help you go that extra mile.

One option for treatment is to try improving the balance between work and home life. Exercise, yoga, meditation and prayer brings great results for some, and in some cases seeing a trained counsellor or psychologist can work wonders too.
relaxed - last longer pills
Thinking too much about premature ejaculation, worrying during sex, can also cause anxiety which in turn exacerbates the problem. Try relaxing your mind, thinking about something else. Research shows that more relaxed guys tend to have more success with women regardless. So, mind over matter!

Sometimes though these methods alone may not be enough. Fortunately, there’s a few good natural last longer pills available to help out, such as Herbal Ignite.

Herbal Ignite Last Longer Pillsall natural last longer pills

If the methods above aren’t working out for you, a great option to try is Herbal Ignite, a fantastic all-natural last longer pill. Amongst other herbal ingredientsIgnite contains Avena Sativa, a natural stress reliever and mood lifter.

On the market for fifteen years now, Ignite has helped thousands of men enjoy healthy sex lives. Here’s one last longer pill well worth your time and money. Discover the Ignite difference for yourself today!