Penis Injections for Severe ED

wince - treatment - injectionsThe idea of penis injection treatment makes most men wince, but penile injections are a good option for some men with more severe erectile dysfunction that does not respond ED drugs or herbal supplements for ED.

Men who have severe diabetes, who are facing erectile problems as a result of surgery, or with serious underlying cardiac disease are all good candidates for penis injection treatments for ED.

And men who accept and persevere with the administration of the penis injection report being very satisfied with it, although there is a high dropout rate from men who find it too invasive and difficult to use.

Penis injection treatment generally works faster than oral ED drugs, and success rates are higher than with ED drugs. About 80 per cent of men got erections with penis injection treatment during clinical trials – compared with around 50 per cent of men who have first time success on oral ED drugs.

Type of Penis Injections Available

Penile injection treatments are available in branded packs like Caverject or Edex, which contain an caverject - treatments - injectionserectile pharmaceutical called alprostadil (Prostaglandin E1 or PGE1) or maybe prescribed by specialists to individual needs custom made by compounding pharmacies like The Compounding Pharmacy of Australia or Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia.

The individually prescribed penis injection treatments usually contained different amounts of prostaglandin with two other ingredients – papaverine hydrocholoride and phentolamine.

One study showed 63 per cent of men using alprostadil injections were satisfied and kept using them.

Some men return to normal erectile function after a course of injections. Estimates of the spontaneous return of erections vary from 6.5 per cent who returned to normal sexual function after five injections to 35 per cent in one Finnish study.

There is much more comprehensive information available on various injections in our Erectile Dysfunction Injections – Review section.

Shortage of Penis Injection Drugs

It appears there are shortages of the drugs used in penile injections, with big companies like Pfizer reformulating their Caverject, and other suppliers like American Regent either discontinuing manufacture or unable to keep up with supply.

How To Use Penis Injection Treatment

how to - treatments - injectionsThe drugs in penis injections are vasilodilators, meaning they relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. The pain of administering the injection is reported by most men to be very slight. It is recommended you vary the site of the injection to avoid developing scar tissue, and it is also best to use it no more than ten to 12 times a month, or two to three times a week, and not on consecutive days.

Side Effects of Penis Injection Treatment

  • A mild to moderate groin pain is a common side effect of the injections, particularly those containing priapism - treatments - injectionsalprostadil.
  • Scarring sometimes occurs, particularly if the injection is administered repeatedly in the same place.
  • An erection that won’t go down (priapism) is an uncommon side effect but does sometimes occur. It is easily reversed, but if an erection lasts longer than three to four hours seek immediate medical treatment.