Common Need for Impotence Treatments
The demand for impotence treatments is a common issue for men over 50 because impotence increases in frequency with age.

Many men find 60 is the age:

  • When they can’t ignore impotence any more
  • When impotence progresses from occasional episodes to “the new normal

At that point many men accept they need some sort of impotence treatment, a South Australian study shows.

Australian men’s reluctance to be upfront about impotence treatments shows up in another study which found:

  • While 44 per cent of Australian men would definitely speak to their doctor if they were impotent
  • 63 per cent  said they would be  “too embarrassed” to see a doctor

While it is sound practice to seek medical advice, there are some impotence treatments – like Herbal Ignite – which do not require a prescription and offer a“no-fuss” impotence solution.

Finding Suitable Impotence Treatment

Because impotence is  progressive, you have the best chance of finding a satisfactory impotence treatment if you act as soon as you notice erection difficulties.

The impotence treatment that will suit you best depends on:

  • Your general state of physical and psychological health
    • Oral drugs cannot be taken with some conditions eg heart disease
    • Drug reactions – you may experience unpleasant side effects
  • Your personal circumstances
    • are in a stable and supportive relationship or looking for a new partner
    • What can you afford?
  • And personal preference
    • Do you expect instant results? – an impotence drug which works within an hour may be the answer
    • Do you value spontaneity in sex? – a herbal supplement which takes longer to work but treats the whole body may suit

Deciding on Impotence Treatments

To decide on the right impotence treatment you’ll need to consider what could be contributing to your impotence and ask yourself a few questions like:

  • Are you under a lot of stress at work or in family life?
  • Are you eating and drinking more and exercising less than you should be?
  • Have you suffered major emotional trauma like redundancy or divorce?
  • Have you diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, high blood pressure, or other chronic illness?
  • Have you undergone major prostate surgery?

Taking stock of your situation will help you assess the best impotence treatment for you.

If your impotence is mild to moderate

  • If you are willing to make lifestyle changes in diet and exercise
  • You may find taking an oral treatment – pharmaceutical or herbal

May be enough to get stronger erections.

If your impotence is more severe due to

  • Diabetes, heart problems or other chronic illness
  • Or prostate surgery
  • Oral treatments may be contra-indicated or ineffective

And a mechanical intervention like penile injections or the vacuum pump may be your best impotence treatment option.

Impotence Treatment Counselling

Achieving a successful impotence treatment may involve counselling or therapy for the five per cent of men whose impotence is from psychological causes like:

  • Depression
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Poor quality of relationship

Even if the impotence is mainly from physical causes, there is likely to be an emotional component due to:

  • Your stress over non performance
  • Relationship stress
    • Partner feeling rejected because of no sex
    • Partner seeming relieved because of no sex

You are much more likely to find a satisfactory long term impotence treatment if you can talk about your sex life with your partner, and find out what is going on for heras well.  Some women resent the focus on getting erections as the sole point of sex.

As one woman reported to Bettina Ardnt in What Men Want – in Bed, she had just got her husband to appreciate the benefits of foreplay and other expressions of sexual affection when he started taking impotence drugs and it was back to a “Wham Bam Thank you Mam” approach to love making.

If impotence treatments don’t work for both partners, the chances of long term success are reduced. As Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz report in Intimacy with Impotence between 50 and 75 per cent of men give up on successful impotence therapies, even though they got erections with them.

Herbal Ignite Impotence Treatment

Herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite help to increase spontaneity in sex.

 Taken daily for two to three months Herbal Ignite:

  • Gives stronger erections, more energy and a sense of well being
  • Reduces performance pressure
  • Because you don’t have to have sex to a timetable

Herbal supplements like Ignite don’t work instantly; you need to be willing to take them daily, and they are most suited for men with mild to moderate impotence.

Some couples even take Herbal Ignite together to ensure they stay in touch with each other’s needs.

Jenny Wheeler