Impotence Vacuum Device Effective Treatment

vacuum device intereferes with intimacy - impotence treatmentImpotence treatment by vacuum device is effective but not widely used because many men say using a piece of equipment interferes with sexual intimacy – in other words it’s an invasive form of impotence treatment.

But if you can get around the drawbacks, vacuum devices – also known as vacuum erection devices or VED’s)  offer a very effective impotence treatment especially suited to men in stable relationships who have impotence from physical causes like following prostate surgery or from diabetes.

A 2007 study found early use of the vacuum erection device (VED) was effective for impotence and to reduce shortening of the penis from radical prostatectomy one month after surgery compared with a control group which started using the VED six months after surgery.

A daily rehab programme of 10 minutes a day for five months  using the vacuum device with no constriction ring – so blood was pumped into the penis but the constriction ring was not used to prevent it flowing out again –   resulted in better erectile function and greater penile length.

What Are Impotence Vacuum Devices?

cylinder and pump - impotence treatments vacuum devicesAccording to Impotence Australia, the impotence vacuum device consists of a clear plastic cylinder and a pump which may be hand or battery operated. The non-erect penis is placed in the cylinder and an air tight seal is obtained with a lubricating gel.

The plastic cylinder is pressed firmly against the body and a partial vacuum created by evacuating the air from within the cylinder. The penis becomes engorged with blood and, when firm enough for intercourse, a plastic or rubber constriction ring is slipped from the end of the cylinder to around the end of the base of the shaft of the penis.

This traps blood in the penis and the erection maybe safely maintained for up to 30 minutes. Some people prefer to use two constriction rings to obtain a stronger and maintain a better erection.

Advantages of Impotence Vacuum Devices

Vacuum devices are effective, relatively inexpensive, and while they may have some side effects they are usually not serious.

Disadvantages of Impotence Vacuum Devices

Some men experience side effects like penile pain, numbness, coldness and difficulty ejaculating.

They also take time to master and are best used with a sympathetic partner.

Vacuum Devices Available in Australia

Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration - impotence treatments vacuum deviceThe Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration (with support from Lions) advises vacuum devices are not available under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and cost between $500 and $800 each.

Most sexual health consultants suggest getting a better quality device to ensure reliability, rather than settling on the cheapest model available.

Most companies provide instructional videos and they may require up to two weeks of practice to master the intricacies of use. They do require some manual dexterity and are not suitable for men with impaired use of their hands, unless their partner is able to assist.

The battery-powered vacuum devices are more expensive, but also work more quickly. Battery-powered devices are especially helpful for men who do not have good hand strength or coordination or who have arthritis.

Better Health Victoria advises the vacuum devices need to be properly explained, appropriately fitted and are best used after consultation with a doctor.

Some shopping sites appear to stock devices that look of questionable quality; one model that claims to be approved by the Australian health authority (TGA) is the Post T Vac device.

A review of many of the advertised vacuum pumps on the Australian market shows there is a very wideSydney Men's Health Clinic - impotence treatments - vacuum devices range of types and it may be best to see advice from your doctor or sexual health specialists like those at Impotence Australia, or the Sydney Men’s Health Clinic or the online Men’s Health Clinic before purchasing.

Once a man has become proficient in using the vacuum device, it usually takes two to three minutes for him to produce a usable erection.