Hormones for Impotence

stamina and muscle strength - impotence treatments hormonesThe key hormone for men facing problems with impotence is testosterone, the male sex hormone which gives stamina, muscle strength and sex drive. And although there is a growing body of research about the affect testosterone has on men’s sexual health, results are conflicting and controversy about testosterone hormone treatments for impotence remains.

Doctors argue over whether some men experience a male menopause” and whether testosterone affects the development of prostate cancer.

Andrology Australia, a government funded men’s research facility, has a free downloadable booklet available which gives full information about hormone treatment for impotence, also known as androgen deficiency.

How Hormones Affect Impotence

According to a Harvard University paper in their 40s men’s testosterone levels begin to drop, by an estimated 1 per cent a year. By the time a man reaches his 50s and 60s he may notice the effects of this lowered hormone level in symptoms like:

In the US, the FDA estimates severe testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism) is under diagnosed, with many men unaware this is the cause of their impotence and other health problems.

There is no agreement on what constitutes low testosterone levels; some men with low hormone levels do not experience impotence or other low testosterone symptoms.

Testosterone is just one of the hormones important for men’s sexual health, but it is the one considered most critical for energy, health and sexuality in the second half of life.

Is Hormone Treatment Effective for Impotence?

Some but not all of the men – it is estimated 40 to 60 per cent – with low testosterone levels find hormone treatment is effective in treating impotence. When other factors – like poor penile blood supply – are part of the cause of impotence hormone treatment alone may not cure impotence.

Testosterone supplementation is also effective in helping men to respond to impotence drugs who previously may have had an unsatisfactory response.

Testosterone Hormone Impotence Treatment

testosterone therapy - impotence treatment hormonesTestosterone treatment is available in Australia in many different forms, including injections, implants, capsules, and patches.

What you decide on depends on personal response, convenience and price. 

As a hormone impotence treatment testosterone therapy is not expensive and is available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme if you meet the guidelines in terms of testosterone measured in the blood.  The number of men receiving impotence hormone therapy through the PBS grew by a third in the last decade, and many more got the treatment privately.

Even if you don’t meet those guidelines it is not expensive, according to Impotence Australia, which lists several alternative forms of hormone treatment available including:

  • Testosterone Injections (Sustanon, Primoteston)

Delivery Method: Testosterone injections of 1ml are given into the muscle, usually the buttock, every 2 to 3 weeks, depending upon the dose needed and the response achieved. Injections of 250mg are standard treatment, although lower doses (100mg ) may be used.

Disadvantage: Some men find the injections painful, so look for other forms of treatment, and some men are suffer side effects like moodiness from wide variation in levels delivered by this method.

  • Testosterone Patches (Androderm)

Delivery Method: Patches that are applied at night and worn constantly to allow testosterone to be absorbed through the skin. The normal dose is a single 5mg patch but 2.5mg patches are also available. The patches are applied to the back, arms, abdomen or buttocks. Allows body to follow normal pattern for hormone levels more than the injection.

Disadvantage: About 10% of young men and 20% of older men develop a skin rash when using the patches. This can sometimes be avoided by the use of a cortisone cream under the patch.

  • Testosterone Implants

Delivery Method: Small ‘pellets’ ( about 1cm in length and each containing 200mg of testosterone ) can be placed under the skin of either the abdomen or the buttock. Doctors experienced in this technique must perform the implanting procedure, which is done using local anaesthetic. Most men will need three or four 200mg pellets implanted each time. The implants produce normal serum testosterone levels over a long period and last between four and six months.

Disadvantage: About 10% of the pellets work their way to the surface of the skin and are eventually pushed out. Because of the long duration of action it should be used with caution in older men.

  • Oral Testosterone ( Andriol)

Delivery Method: These 40mg capsules must be taken with fluid that contains fat (for example, milk) to help the absorption. One or two capsules are normally required three times per day.

Disadvantage: The testosterone levels achieved with this form of treatment usually do not fully replace the testosterone levels and are usually only chosen when a man is unable to tolerate other forms of treatment. However, if a man has had low levels of testosterone for a long time, then the capsules may be an appropriate way to begin treatment slowly.

Hormones and Prostate Cancerhormones and prostate cancer - impotence treatments

There has long been a belief that testosterone fuelled prostate cancer, and part of prostate cancer treatment post-surgery was a deliberate lowering of testosterone levels.

So why does prostate cancer commonly develop at a time of life when testosterone is naturally lower? While Australian research supported the link between prostate cancer and high testosterone levels, other studies show the opposite results.

New research claims prohibiting testosterone therapy in men with untreated or low risk prostate cancer should be reconsidered after a study showed prostate cancer patients with low testosterone were more likely to experience higher PSA levels (a sign of cancer returning) than those with higher testosterone levels.

Herbal Supplements for Impotence Treatment

It’s now known that 75-90% of impotence has a physical cause. This can be due to trauma, surgery, medication or medical conditions, but for most men the likeliest reason is the low levels of testosterone that accompanies simple aging.

Herbal Ignite is a natural supplement rich in tribulus terrestris, a herb known to stimulate the body’s natural production of testosterone, and as such is a great natural impotence treatment to promote healthy levels of this hormone. Over the last fourteen years many men and women have discovered for themselves the sex life improvement that Ignite can offer. Try the difference for yourself today!