Finding the Best Impotence Cure

It’s not just ordinary Aussie blokes who want to find an effective impotence cure.
High profileJack Nicholson's Impotence Cure? celebrities like actor Jack Nicholson and former Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne are amongst the millions of men who’ve talked about needing help to get an erection.

Ozzy jokes Viagra works well as a sleeping pill because “whenever he takes it his wife goes to sleep.” Jack Nicholson claims he only needs an impotence pill “when he’s with more than one woman.”

In Australia, Police Rescue TV star Gary Sweet encouraged men to talk about impotence in a campaign sponsored by one of the impotence drug manufacturers. “I would say simply this: look, mate, if you’ve got a problem in this department it’s no big deal.”

And impotent men can take heart: there are many effective impotence cures on offer. 

Reasons to Seek Impotence Cure

Many men feel the need for an impotence cure as they age for many different reasons, including:

  • Testosterone levels decline about one per cent a year from your 20s and so by your 50s and 60s you’ll start to notice a difference
  • Lifestyle choices – weight, exercise, alcohol use, smoking and stress can all create a need for an impotence cure
  • Side effects of medications like anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories and blood pressure tablets can all lead to impotence
  • Health issues like diabetes, or cardio vascular changes – can also cause impotence

Recommended Modern Impotence Cures

Mad Scientist Impotence CureLuckily the potions cooked up as impotence cures in the past aren’t needed today.

  • Ancient Egyptians ground up baby crocodile hearts and rubbed them on the penis
  • Russian scientists in the early 1900s treated impotence by implanting testicles taken from monkeys, human cadavers, goats, bears and deer into the testicles of impotent men

Impotence cures have come a long way in the late 20th and early 21st century, and today men who want to overcome impotence have an 85 per cent chance of finding an effective impotence cure.

The easiest and most straightforward impotence cure is oral pills, from pharmaceutical or natural sources, either:

  • Impotence drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis which promote blood supply to the penis through inhibiting an enzyme (PDE-5) which slows blood flow
  • Supplements like Herbal Ignite which boost testosterone levels and penile blood supply with herbs containing natural PDE 5 inhibitors which don’t require a prescription

Around 30 per cent of impotent men cannot use impotence drugs:

  • Either because they will not work,
  • They get unpleasant side effects
  • Or they have health problems which make them unsuitable

For these men who can’t use impotence drugsherbal supplements - impotence cure

May provide an effective impotence cure

Changing Needs for Impotence Cure

There is no one impotence cure that suits all men. Individual health status, and your personal needs will influence your choice of impotence cure.

Factors that might influence your choice of an impotence cure include:

1. Relationship/ emotional situation
  • Are you in a supportive long term relationship, or seeing new women after divorce or bereavement?
  • Are you comfortable having impotence declared to your partner and discussing your needs?

If you do not want to be open about your need for an impotence cure, or if your partner is not supportive, the technical devices like injections or a vacuum pump will not work as well for you.

They are visible devices, obvious in bed, and you may need help from your partner to set up.  However in the right circumstances they may offer the best impotence cure option.

         2. Health Status
If you have or you have had:

  • Prostate surgery
  • Diabetes
  • Other health issues(cardio vascular disease) associated with impotence

Your health needs will be different from a man in normal health wanting an impotence cure. In general:Injection Impotence Cure

the higher intervention devices like pumps and injections

  • are suitable for men with severe impotence

while the oral treatments like impotence pills

  • are suited for mild to moderate impotence

And as your own situation changes you may find you need a different treatment – like the same impotence drug at a higher strength – to get the same result.

Many doctors acknowledge impotence tends to worsen with age, and you may find something which has worked for you in the past gradually becomes a less effective impotence cure in the future.

Herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite have multiple benefits as an impotence cure as well as giving improved energy and well being and benefiting the immune system, so they are always worth trying when looking for impotence treatments.