Causes of Impotence

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Until about 30 years ago, it was generally believed impotence causes were mainly psychological.

With the launch of impotence drugs in the late 1990s, the pendulum swung in the other direction, towards a belief that 95 per cent of impotence is from physical causes, particularly:
  • blocking penile blood flow
  • disruption to nerve impulses

Now there is a growing appreciation of the emotional and psychological factors that can cause impotence like:

  • Work stress
  • Performance anxiety
  • Whether you have a supportive female partner

It’s better understood that satisfying sex depends on physical and emotional factors coming together.

Andrology Australia, (The Australian Centre of Excellence in Male Reproductive Health based at Monash University’s Institute of Medical Research) estimates:

  • 1 in ten cases of impotence is caused by psychological issues like stress and depression
  • 90 per cent of impotence causes are physical in origin

Impotence Causes Give Early Warning

Anything that stops blood flow or blocks nerve response causes impotence. New research arteries clogged - impotence causesshows early episodes of impotence:

  • Are often a warning sign of health problems in three to five years
  • Indicate undiagnosed diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol

Metabolic changes from these diseases:

  • Reduce blood flow in the tiny capillaries in the penile walls;
  • The changes are too slight in the early stages to be noticed in bigger blood vessels
  • But are enough to cause impotence
  • If left unchecked they warn of more serious health problems to come

national study of Australian men’s sexual health under way at Melbourne’s Deakin University aims to provide better diagnosis and management of impotence causes because of the overall impact on men’s long term health if impotence is left untreated.

How Erections Happen

  • Getting an erection seems like a relatively simple process, heavily dependent on blood supply to tiny capillaries in the penile wall.Impotence Causes - How Erections Happen
  • The penis is not a muscle but a hollow chamber with two tubes of spongy tissue that runs along
  •  its length, surrounded by a tough fibrous partially elastic covering.
  • The chamber fills with blood when the right messages are sent through the spinal cord nerves. But underlying this apparently simple process is a complex range of chemicals that control erection strength.

Seven Common Causes of Impotence

The wide range of impotence causes reflects our daily life style choices including:

Impotence Cause No 1 – Life Style

All have a direct impact on overall health, including the state of our cardio vascular system, weight control, and susceptibility to chronic illness like diabetes and heart disease – the lifestyle disorders causing chronic disease.

Impotence Cause No 2 – Chronic Illness

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Specialist disorders – Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s


Impotence Cause No 3 – Side Effects of Medication

Over 200 pharmaceuticals can cause impotence, including:medication side effects - impotence causes

  • Anti-depressants
  • NSAIDs for muscle and joint pain
  • Hay fever & sinus meds
  • Blood pressure pills


Impotence Cause No 4 – Natural ageing

  • Less responsive muscle cells in penile wall
  • Slower nerve response
  • Erections take longer
  • Arousal not instant

Impotence Cause No 5 – Psychological and Emotional

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems
  • Performance anxiety
  • Past sexual experience

Impotence Cause No 6 – Low Testosterone

  • Five per cent of impotence caused by low male hormone
  • Similar symptoms to depression
  • Symptoms often mis-diagnosed as depression
  • Low desire a common symptom of low testosterone

Causes of Impotence – What You Can Do

Research shows many Australian men dealing with impotence either don’t ask their doctor for help at all, or don’t continue with prescribed treatment if they receive it, says Dr Marita McCabe, the lead researcher on Deakin University’s national study into men’s sexual health.

There is plenty you can do to help yourself solve the causes of impotence. Research shows about 30 per cent of men can overcome impotence and get back to stronger erections with changes like these:

  1. Exercise more, cut out smoking, get better sleep, reduce stress, eat less fat and carbohydrate
  2. See your doctor early – when you first notice impotence signs
  3. Talk to your partner about the problem  – make more time for her, for sex, and for relaxation
  4. See a counsellor if you feel there are underlying emotional issues

If these don’t make a big enough difference, move on to other interventions for impotence causes, like oral pills from pharmaceutical or herbal sources.

Herbal Supplements for Impotence

Four out of ten men who try oral pills do not continue with them even when they give them an erection, either because of unpleasant side effects or lack of spontaneity in their sex lives.

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A herbal supplement like Herbal Ignite:

It’s worth trying a herbal product like Herbal Ignite for impotence causes, especially if you have found other impotence treatments to be unsatisfactory, if you’ve had unpleasant side effects or you value spontaneity in your sexual relationship.