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Aussie men over forty - Impotence AustraliaImpotence is common amongst Australian men over the age of 40, and Impotence Australia estimates 75 per cent of all impotence is from physical causes.

One Australian survey found impotence happens to men of all ages and affects at least 1 in 5 men over the age of 40 years, increasing to about two in three men over the age of 70 years.

Most common sexual health issues affecting Australian men were:

according to a survey done by Impotence Australia, a men’s sexual health organisation funded by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Cialis (tadalafil).
Although Aussie men still find it hard to discuss impotence and other sexual health issues, (one study found 44 per cent of Aussie men definitely would not discuss impotence with their doctor and many had untreated medical problems) there are a range of organisations and websites now offering information on impotence, (generally known as erectile dysfunction) and other health issues.

They range from national research initiatives on male reproductive health like Androgyny Australia, through to more wide ranging website like Men’s Health Australia, concerned with the “social and psychological well-being of men and boys.”Here’s Herbal Ignite Australia’s rundown on what’s on offer for men seeking information on impotence services in Australia.

Ten Best Impotence & Men’s Health Websites

The ten best sources of impotence and sexual health information for Australian men:

1) Health Insight Australia

Health Insight is a government funded general health website providing a wide range of general health information including men’s health, covering everything from prostate cancer to depression, male menopause to male infertility, put together by Health Direct Australia.

2) Andrology Australia

Andrology Australia (The Australian Centre of Excellence in Male Reproductive Health) is national men’s reproductive health research centre based at Monash University with a mission  to “bring together health and education experts from across Australia to develop collaborative strategies to raise the awareness of male reproductive health disorders and their associations with chronic disease.”

Andrology Australia’s website provides detailed information on a whole range of men’s health problems, from penis health to infertility, vasectomies, diabetes, androgen deficiency, osteoporosis and gynaecomastia (developing male breasts.)

Established with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing in 2000 and administered by Monash Institute of Medical Research, Monash University, Andrology Australia gives priority to:

  • Prostate disease including prostate cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Male infertility
  • Use and abuse of testosterone treatments
  • Sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction (impotence)

3) Men’s Health Australia

Describes itself as “Australia’s primary source of information about the social and psychological wellbeing of men and boys.” The website provides articles, news and commentary from a variety of sources and also offers information on resources and services.  The mythbusters section critiques inaccurate, biased and stereotypical reports about men, boys and gender issues, and encourages factual reporting in stories concerning males.
MensLine Australia - Impotence Australia

4) MensLine Australia

MensLine Australia is Australia’s national telephone and online support service for men who have relationship or family stresses. You can talk anonymously to a paid professional counsellor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the cost of a local call.

5) Sexual Health Australia

Sexual health problems which are ignored just get worse – further affecting physical health and destroying emotional relationships. Best answer is to acknowledge the issue and face up to it.  The male sexual health section of the Sexual Health Australia website has information on all forms of male sexual health issues, from erectile dysfunction to low libido.

6) Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week is dedicated to raising awareness about issues affecting men’s health. Find an event near you, or register your own men’s health event to receive a promotional pack to help you publicise your event to those around you.

7) Prostate cancer

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia provides information about all stages of prostate cancer, from health checks to treatment options and support for families and friends.

8) Impotence Australia

Impotence Australia is a non-profit organisation set up to:

  • Help men and their partners deal with impotence
  • Decrease isolation
  • Encourage discussion about impotence (erectile dysfunction)

With financial support from Ely Lilly, the manufacturers of the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis (tadalafil), Impotence Australia offers telephone counselling nation-wide via an 1800 number as well as providing an inexpensive intern-based personal counselling service supervised by experienced professionals in Sydney.

Phones to the Freephone number 1800 800 614 (Sydney 02 9280 0084) are answered by trained sex therapists who can assist with men’s or women’s sexual concerns. Or you can email with your queries.

Impotence Australia’s website broadcasts Radio IA, what it claims as “Australia’s first men’s health internet radio station” from a link on the website’s home page.

9) Sydney Men’s Health Clinic

Sydney Men's Health Clinice - Impotence AustraliaSydney sexual health physician Dr Michael Lowy, one of Impotence Australia’s board members, runs a specialist men’s health practice, and is co-author with Impotence Australia CEO Brett McCann of a guide to premature ejaculation titled Too Fast? Learn to Last Longer. 

Dr Lowy’s Bondi-based practice offers advice on a range of sexual health issues for men and women, as well as other age-related men’s health issues.

The Sydney Men’s Health website also provides information on erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues like libido disorders, ejaculation issues and androgen deficiency, as well as female sexual dysfunction, prostate health, chronic illness and sexual function and relationship issues.

10) My Doctor Australia

The myDr website allows you to take the first steps in self-diagnosis, by searching for health issues either by name or by inputting your symptoms and looking at the possibilities. There is a dedicated men’s health section, so you can search for your symptoms knowing you will get relevant results.

11) Your Life Choices

Thanks to the Your Life Choices website – with the dedicated purpose of “fun in your 50’s 60’s and beyond” – for some of the men’s health information contained in this article. Not specifically a men’s health site, Your Life Choices offers lots of helpful information on life generally – work, travel, finance, retirement and getting the most out of the second half of life.