Lasting Longer in Bed for Men

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So, men. You want to last longer in bed, but aren’t too keen on a heart-to-heart with the doc about your bedroom staying power. Aren’t exactly thrilled by the prospect of going over every single personal intimate detail?

Well, you’re certainly not alone there!

Maybe you’ve thought too about prescription ED drugs. And then maybe, you’ve also thought about the costs and side effects of those.

There must be other options for longer lasting sex, right?

As it turns out, there are. Presenting, the top seven ways to last longer in bed for men:

Lasting Longer in Bed – Mind Over Matter

Whether you’re bent on either having or halting an orgasm, the part of your brain responsible is engaged. So, ironically, consciously thinking about delaying may just end up stoking the fire, so to speak. 

The solution: to last longer in bed, first stop thinking about it. Relax your mind. Focus on her, the motion, even sports if it helps (maybe keep that one to yourself though!).
Or if you like, achieve a state of Zen. Whatever works.

Rubber Insulation to Last Longer in Bed

That’s right – condoms. One of the simplest ways to last longer in bed: not only will the layer of latex reduce sensitivity, but some condoms now contain Benzocaine, a de-sensitizing lubricant which will typically buy you another five minutes in the sack.

The Stop-Start Method of Lasting Longer in Bed

This lasting longer in bed tip comes courtesy of Dr. Debby Hebernick, author and sexual health researcher at Indiana University.
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The general idea is, when you feel yourself approaching ‘the point of no return’, to pause and let things subside a little (Herbernick suggests 5-10 seconds ). Then you can get back to business. When you start approaching that point of no return again, simply repeat the technique.  A few rounds of this process can usually earn you a good extra minute or two.

Put the Squeeze On

This one’s methods related to the above. In this case however, rather than merely pausing for a few seconds, if you find yourself getting too close to that point withdraw completely.

Squeeze your penis right below the head, focusing pressure on tube along the penis’s underside, the urethra. This will temporarily re-direct some bloodflow and delay ejaculation. This technique can be repeated again a couple of times as well.

Last Longer in Bed with Kegel Exercises

We’ve probably all heard of these by now. But what are they, exactly? Basically, originally designed to help with incontinence issues, by strengthening the Pubococcygeous muscles Kegel Exercises also give better ejaculatory control.

This is done at first by starting and stopping urine flow. Once you’ve done this enough times, the muscle becomes stronger and you can repeat the exercise anywhere, any time. Tighten the muscles and hold for ten seconds before release. The more you do this, the better your ejaculatory control will become.

Take a New Position on Things – and Last Longer in Bed

Position during sex can significantly impact on your lasting power. When she’s on top in particular, the penis receives less stimulation. Give it a try. Why not!

Stress Less, Last Longer!

stress less - last longer in bed for menIn many cases, the stress and anxiety that result from the fear of not lasting long enough may be the biggest part of the problem.

There’s a variety of ways to naturally decrease stress and anxiety. Exercise, yoga, meditation/prayer, a better work-life balance.  For some, it may be worth seeing a counsellor or psychologist to go over some advanced options. 

Even if anxiety/stress isn’t the main cause of your woes, it’ll definitely be contributing. So it’s well worth doing something to get it sorted.

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