How to Improve Sex Drive for Men and Women

romance over? - improve sex driveAny couple who’ve been together more than two years would – if they’re honest – admit there are occasions when they’d love a few tips on how to improve their sex drive.

Low sex drive is the most common sex problem for Australian men and women, according to a major national study  but there are plenty of practical steps you can take to improve sex drive.  

And while it’s clear modern life can make it hard to keep your sex drive alive and fresh, the key to improving your sex drive is in your head: it starts with a commitment to make sex a priority, not just one more obligation in an over-busy life.
hot to trot - improve sex driveEven bad sex can be good for your relationship – as this mother of three married for eight years who has sex daily has discovered.

Don’t wait until you’re hot to trot. Commit to sex and do it. With that simple step, you’re already well on the way to discovering how to improve your sex drive.

Top Ten Tips for How To Improve Sex Drive

Tip 1 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Be emotionally prepared for sex

Anticipation is an aphrodisiac, and Sydney sex expert Dr Rosie King is only half joking when she says women need “23 and a half hours” of foreplay.

Men and women find their sex drive improved in different ways: men are sparked by visual sexual cues while women are turned on by feeling close.

But both find being appreciated and shown affection improves sex drive.

Tip 2 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Choose the right sex enhancers

showing he cares - improve sex drive

A man who wants to drive his woman crazy with desire understands showing he cares in small ways will pay big dividends in their sex life. There are dozens of ways you can show you care, from affectionate touching to taking the rubbish out. Or check Mid Life Rocks for What Turns Women On.

A woman who wants to turn her man on will get great results from lifting the positive comments ratio and not leaving all the sexual initiating to him.

Tip 3 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Create a sexy space to improve sex

You’ll never feel sexy if you bedroom is a tip and sex is interrupted by a text messages

  • sexy space - improve sex driveSet the mood by removing work papers, clutter, pets and photos likely to disrupt or dampen desire
  • Put a lock on the door if you are likely to be disturbed
  • Keep your bedroom a no-technology zone – no texting please
  • Select soft focus lighting or candles
  • Let some fresh air in and use light scents to create a pleasant setting – flowers, scented candles or essential massage oils

Tip 4 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Get yourself relaxed and sensual to improve sex

  • Ensure you are freshly showered – or shower together – and use a sensual body moisturiser
  • Take a bath with some drops of ylang ylang oil – thought to be a sex enhancer
  • Have massage oil, or a sexual enhancement cream/lubricant on the bedside table for added sensual pleasure

Tip 5 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Balance sexual hormones to improve sex

  • Check testosterone

Men and women both need good testosterone levels for a healthy sex drive.

An Australian study was the first in the world to show a testosterone skin patch significantly improved the sex drive of post- menopausal women.

Men given testosterone therapy not only found it was an effective erectile dysfunction treatment but it also helped with weight loss and increased energy and confidence.

  • DHEA

There are conflicting reports on whether DHEA improves sex drive in post-menopausal womensilvio berlusconi italian research - improve sex drivebut recent Italian research suggests positive results. Once banned in Australia, it is now available as a dietary supplement on prescription.

Sydney Morning Herald columnist Sam de Brito has written about taking DHEA for weight loss and to help fight depression. But it can help with sex as well: DHEA normally spikes right before orgasm to enhance desire and focus, and may increase dopamine production.Taking 300 mg of DHEA an hour before sex significantly increased mental and physical arousal in postmenopausal women, according to a study published in the Journal of Women’s Health & Gender-Based Medicine.

Tip 6 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Try sex in the morning

Men’s testosterone levels naturally peak in the morning, so if he has been showing little interest in sex try sex in the morning.  Just ensure you have enough time before work so you are not pressured.

Tip 7 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Lose weight to improve sex drive

Australian research at the University of Adelaide shows men who lost weight got better erections.  In a survey, 37 percent of respondents said losing weight makes them feel sexy and even women who lose as little as five pounds notice an immediate jump in sex drive.

Tip 8 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Exercise to improve sex drive

Exercise improves sex drive in both men and women.  People who exercise rate themselves as more sexually desirable than those who don’t.

And sixty-year-olds who exercise frequently report having the same amount of sex and sexual pleasure as people decades younger.

One study examined the sexual frequency and satisfaction ratings of swimmers aged 60 and found that they were the same as those 20 years younger. If you exercise a lot, your “sexual age” will be years younger than your chronological age.

Tip 9 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Herbs to improve sexherbs to improve sex drive

Herbal Ignite and other herbal supplements optimise centuries old traditional herbs like tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, and damiana to improve sex drive and treat erectile dysfunction. And some culinary spices for love and sexy super foods can also have a part to play in helping you get back your interest in sex.

Tip 10 – How to Improve Sex Drive

Check your meds to improve sex drive

Anti depressants are the number one cause of inability to have orgasms, according to sexual health doctor Andrew Goldstein. They decrease dopamine in the brain. Ask your doctor switch to an alternative that raises dopamine levels.

But a wide range of other pharmaceutical medications for common health problems like high cholesterol or hypertension can also decrease sex drive.

Jenny Wheeler