Many medications can impact on ability to have sex: potentially affecting both sexual arousal and sexual performance. In fact, as many as 25% of cases of erectile dysfunction may be at least in part due to medication side effects.

medicineboxSo if you’re having trouble getting or maintaining sufficient erections, you may want to take a look in your medication cabinet! As while these medications do indeed treat specific medical conditions, the action by which they do can also impact on male hormones, bloodflow or nerve function, thus either causing or else increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Generally speaking, any medications with effects that influence central neuroendocrine function, or local neurovascular control of penile smooth muscle are potential culprits behind erectile dysfunction.

The exact mechanisms behind how these medications cause ED is still controversial however, even those that most frequently cause it. There are also many medications further still that are at present implicated only on the basis of case reports or anecdotal evidence.