Tribulus terrestris is typical of the herbal treatments in that it generally takes time for the benefits to be fully realised. Working for erectile dysfunction this means effectiveness is more likely to show within a few days but not within hours.

In contrast to conventional medicine – which in general suppresses the symptoms with drugs and ignores the underlying causes – herbal impotence treatments are holistic, aiming at treating the whole body and dealing with underlying causes as well as symptoms.

Tribulus Terrestris in Herbal Ignite
Tribulus terrestris in erectile dysfunction supplements like Herbal Ignite for impotence work in multiple ways, reducing stress, increasing energy levels and a sense of well-being, balancing hormones and releasing the important male hormone testosterone, as well as increasing blood supply to the penis.

And because they treat the whole body and work in real time, they restore the spontaneity which is so important to many couples.

How Tribulus Terrestris Works – Further Information
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