Maca works within weeks rather than hours, following the normal pattern for herbal treatment which is usually that the benefits occur gradually after consistent use, rather than within hours.

In contrast to conventional medicine – which in general suppresses the symptoms with drugs and ignores the underlying causes – herbal impotence treatments are holistic, aiming at treating the whole body and dealing with underlying causes as well as symptoms.

Maca is not approved or sale in Australia under the Therapeutic Goods Act Listed medicines protocol.

Herbal Alternatives to Maca
Maca is also a herb which works best in conjunction other herbs for erectile dysfunction, not as a sole remedy, and best results can be obtained by choosing an erectile dysfunction supplement with several complementary herbal ingredients like Herbal Ignite, containing Avena Sativa, Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Goat Weed.

Herbal remedies for impotence work in multiple ways, reducing stress, increasing energy levels and a sense of well-being, balancing hormones and increasing energy and stamina as well as improving erectile function.

And because they treat the whole body and work in real time, they restore the spontaneity which is so important to many couples.

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Jenny Wheeler